WebKick Andover Web Design


Here are a selection of quotes from our customers which highlight their favourite bits about WebKick. We don't solicit testimonials from new customers - we only ask for honest feedback.

"It turned my business around"

Stewart, Independent Electrical Engineer

Our service is only valuable if it earns you money, and we love making clients profitable!

"We'd like another website..."

Tony, Car Garage

We hear this a lot. Mini-sites are a great way to promote specific products or services.


"We broke our online sales record - thank you!"

Jalal, Health Supplement Manufacturer

£6,700 in sales was a great achievement, we were very pleased to help you get there!

"Fast and professional service"

Paul, Audio Device Manufacturer


Thanks! We have 14 years industry experience, and we hope it shows in everything we do.


"Very knowledgable and patient staff"

Adrian, Local Bike Shop

Good, honest advice is free of charge at WebKick. We never sell you something you don't need.

"Thank you for our No. 1 SEO positions"

Ken, Used Vehicle Specialist

Always a pleasure. We get a warm fuzzy feeling every time a client hits No. 1 in search engines.