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The benefits of email marketing

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Sophie Porter 08. Sep 2016 4 minutes
building email campaigns

Hands up: who prefers receiving an email these days to getting a phone call? We reckon most of you busy business owners and MDs reading this today, as you sip your morning coffee and contemplate the day ahead. Emails can be really effective in gaining the attention of your chosen audience, and as such, the benefits of email marketing are vast.  

The cost associated with the benefits of email marketing

  When considering the benefits of email marketing, it would be foolish not to start with the overall cost of it all! Compared to direct mailing or telesales, email marketing is incredibly cheap, with the average cost of sending an email starting at just 0.01 pence. And that’s not even taking into account the cost (or lack thereof) to the environment, for all of us eco-minded people out there.  

Time & effort and the benefits of email marketing

  Unlike other forms of marketing, the benefits of email marketing are that it’s quick and simple to put together; with a series of pre-prepared HTML email templates where just the copy and the photos need modifying with  each use, great looking and engaging emails can be put together by only 1 person in less than 2 hours. Compare that to direct mailing – where you have to factor in the design and print of the material (leaflets, letters, brochures etc.), the cost of postage, and the very valuable time of at least 2, if not 3 employees… well, it’s a no-brainer!

The benefits of email marketing in regular communication & real-time messages

When thinking about the benefits of email marketing, you have to consider the effectiveness of regularly communicating with your audience; whether customers, potential customers, supporters or donors – being able to quickly and easily update your audience on what you’re doing, and schedule those email communications in to go out at certain times of the day, month or year is incredibly powerful. Not only is it low on effort, but regular communication keeps your audience loyal to your brand, and makes them feel loved and wanted; ensuring your business is always at the forefront of people’s minds.

Tracking sales, audience engagement, and split testing when considering the benefits of email marketing

We all love data; from spreadsheets and graphs to ROIs and KPIs – the numbers behind campaigns and activities are what tell you what is and what isn’t working, how and where people are engaging with you, how people are using your website, and how many enquiries you’re getting on a monthly basis. Data is integral to making your business the best it possibly can be, and the benefits of email marketing are that it can give you this data in a coherent format, instantly. Using email marketing tools like MailChimp or Astonish (our favourite), you can analyse how many people are opening your emails, how and where people are clicking through, and how many people are consequently buying/enquiring; all valuable information if you want to maximise your sales and audience reach.

Our thoughts on the benefits of email marketing

What do we think about the benefits of email marketing? We think email marketing is great! And, used in the right way, email marketing can raise awareness for your business, increase sales, and keep a dialogue going between your business and your customers. If you’d like to unlock the true benefits of email marketing, why not email or call us today?

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