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When are the best times to post on Social Media?

A question as old as Facebook itself, and something every digital-savvy business owner needs to know, but is the answer really as simple as a string of universal days & times?

Sophie Porter 20. Jan 2017 6 minutes
using social media to grow your business

Where profile building, brand awareness, customer engagement, and monitoring your reputation are concerned, Social Media is key; giving you a ready-made avenue through which to reach potentially thousands of people specifically interested in your product or service.

Maintaining a strong presence on Social Media is undeniably important - ensuring you post, not only regularly, but also the right content at the right time to reach the right people.

It’s this last factor - posting at the right time to reach the right people - that catches a lot of businesses out and, although many agencies claim to know the universal times all social media audiences are online and therefore all businesses should post, we have a rather different opinion.

So, in our humble opinion, when is the best time to post on Social Media? The answer is…

It depends on many different factors!

What factors affect the best time to post on Social Media?

There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to Social Media; it’s different for every business, and any good Social Media strategy understands this.

The factors to take into account when considering when is the best time to post on Social Media are:

What is the average age of your audience? It may seem an obscure question to ask, but people of different ages tend to use Social Media at different times of day. For example, people aged 30 - 45 are probably more likely to be using Social Media in the evening, once their working day is over or their children are in bed.

What is the nature of your business? If your business is predominantly B2B, audiences will engage with you at very different times of the day & week than B2C audiences; think about it. If you’re a business selling to businesses, your busy periods are likely to be somewhere in office hours, Monday to Friday.

Which platforms are you using? People use different Social Media platforms in different ways, and therefore at different times. LinkedIn, for example, as a professional online networking tool specifically for businesses and professional people, experiences busy periods during office hours (according to Social Media legend, it’s ‘Golden Hour’ is between 10am & 11am on Tuesdays).

What kind of content are you sharing? There are lots of different types of content, that audiences will engage with in different ways and consequently at different times. Try putting yourself into the figurative ‘shoes’ of your ideal customer; what problems are they facing that you’re providing a solution to? Perhaps you’re offering a motivational personal fitness video - if so, the first week of January, as people are heading back into the office after Christmas (or home from the office after their first day back) will probably be perfect for you!

When is the best time to post on Social Media? A conclusion

Essentially, the best time to post on Social Media depends on your brand; the kind of customers you want to attract, the kind of content you’re sharing, and what you’re using to share your information.

When are the best times to post on Social Media?

Your Social Media strategy should be as unique as your business, and tailored to the specific needs and habits of your audience - if they’re mostly online at 9am on a Monday and then again at 3pm on a Thursday, that’s when you should post! Not at 7pm on a Friday just because that’s when everyone else does…

If you need help with researching the best times to post, the best content to post and the best platforms to post on, talk to us today about helping to create the best Social Media strategy for you and your brand.

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