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Brand Ambassadors and Social Media

Never underestimate the power of your employees in increasing your brand awareness, especially on Social Media

Sophie Porter 03. Mar 2017 5 minutes
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We were delighted to work with leading disability charity Enham Trust to deliver a social media workshop to a selection of the Trust’s staff & volunteers.

The workshop, held as part of the charity’s annual staff conference at the nearby Wellington Academy, emphasised the importance of positively engaging with the charity on Facebook, and the ways in which each employee and volunteer could do so.

Being a Brand Ambassador in the Social Media age

Whilst this may seem like a really small [optional] element of an employee’s role within any organisation, engaging with your business on Social Media can have an incredibly powerful effect on raising brand awareness & profile; leading to an increase in those 2 words any business loves to hear: sales and enquiries.

The best way to look at this is like being a Brand Ambassador; every employee within your business represents your brand wherever they are, and whatever they’re doing - whether they’re out meeting clients in the company uniform, speaking to customers on the phone or driving to work - it all adds up.

And, of course, as Brand Ambassadors your employees need to be out there, spreading the word of your business in a positive way. This is because, at the heart of it, people invest in people and word of mouth - social proof - is what the success of your business really hinges on. You can have the most wonderful product the world has ever seen, but if people aren’t talking about it, and talking about just how wonderful it is, no-one will really buy it.

This same principle applies to Social Media and, in fact, the concept of social proof is arguably even more powerful now than it was before platforms like Facebook and Twitter were created.

The real reach of Facebook

Your employees are one of your most powerful tools to raising awareness of your brand - they know your business, they’re passionate about what they do, and they understand its importance; their engagement, combined with the ever popular Facebook - that boasts almost 2 billion active users - can seriously boost awareness and engagement.

Consider this, where the average Facebook user has 100 friends (and, yes, we know many have far more!), at least 30 of those friends are likely to see a post someone shares; if those 30 were each to share that post on their timeline and their 30 friends saw it, you’ve quickly (and effortlessly) reached almost 1000 people.

That’s nearly 1000 people who may be interest in your product or service or know someone who is.

Encouraging employees to engage on Social Media

As we taught Enham Trust’s employees & volunteers in the workshop, there are lots of incredibly quick and simple ways for employees to engage with a business on Facebook, including:

  • Sharing page posts onto their timeline or in private messages

  • Liking & commenting on page posts

  • Checking-in at work, at an associated venue or exhibition

  • Inviting friends to Like the page

  • Posting a comment or photo on a page’s wall

  • Getting creative with a bit of Facebook Live

Brand Ambassadors and social media

The hidden benefits of employee engagement on Social Media

Of course, the benefits of employees engaging on Social Media are obvious for the employer, but there are also some hidden benefits to the individual of engaging with their business on Facebook.

An employee positively engaging with their business on Social Media will feel part of a team - a close knit community of people coming together for one specific purpose - and, particularly if the Page Admin then replies and acknowledges their activity, will feel valued and listened to.

And, a valued and engaged employee is a positive example of social proof; spreading the good word of your business, whilst keeping your customers happy, and gaining you new ones.

It’s all a lovely, never-ending cycle of brand awareness, happy employees, happy customers, and increased sales & enquiries!

If you’d like to find out more about using Social Media to increase your brand awareness, please contact us today.

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