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The temptation to use lots of different agencies for your marketing needs is great for any business of any size, but there are so many advantages to using just one for all. Here, we’ll discuss using one agency from a local branding Hampshire viewpoint…

Whether you run a small business of only 5 employees or a multinational corporation of 1000 skilled staff members, it’s easy to rely on all sorts of different agencies for your marketing needs; from agencies that specialise in design work for all your offline graphic design needs to a digital marketing agency that can support you with your Social Media channels.

However, we argue that any truly wonderful marketing agency can help you with all of your marketing needs – whether digital or offline – and the advantages of using just one agency for everything are vast.

Branding Hampshire: the advantages of using one agency

  • Knows your brand inside out: if you use only one agency, that one expert team can get to know your brand; your tone of voice, your ethos, the ways in which you do and do not use your logo… everything down to the messaging behind your brand, and the kinds of things you should be posting on Facebook.
  • Saves you money: it may seem cost effective to employ multiple agencies – spending £100 here and £500 there as and when you need it, but every little cost stacks up and, actually, paying one agency a monthly retainer to take care of all your marketing needs will save you money in the longer term.
  • Puts you at the top of their priority list: agencies often work with lots of different businesses to fulfill their marketing needs, and will therefore have a chart of priorities that they work through on any given week. Using one agency consistently will ensure your work stays at the top of their list.
  • Establishes a good working relationship with you: just like getting to know your brand, working with one agency will help you to establish a great working relationship, with a dedicated team of people, who will always be at the end of the phone or willing to visit you in person when you need to chat through something important.
  • Saves you time and resources: managing multiple agencies can take up a lot of time and effort; keeping on top of them all and making sure they’re all delivering exactly what they should be, when they should be. Using one agency will allow you to spend less time worrying about what your agencies are doing, and more time getting on with your own work.
  • Can run big campaigns for you, more efficiently: if you’re using multiple agencies to run one campaign, it can get really complicated; making sure you have all the material you need at the right time, going to the right places. Using one agency for one entire campaign – press releases, printed advertising, PPC & Facebook advertising, and Social Media – means that one team will be dedicated to the outcome, from creating the initial strategy and delivering the material, to giving you a detailed report upon completion.
  • Will often be local to you – branding Hampshire: particularly if you’re a small business, using a local agency can have all sorts of advantages – like being easier to communicate with, and well-connected in the area. If you’re a Hampshire business, for example, you may wish to use an agency local to you in Hampshire.

It makes sense to use one agency

We could go on for another 500 words about the advantages of using one agency for all your branding, web design, press, and digital marketing needs, but we know you’re far too busy for that!

But, what we will say is this…

Using one marketing agency saves you money, time, and keeps your brand strong.

What more could you ask for?

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