What can be done with digital marketing for small businesses?

We think that digital marketing for small businesses is the way forward. When you run a small business – say, with 15 people or less, for argument’s sake – marketing can easily fall by the wayside, thanks to staffing and time constraints during busy periods, and the cost of it.

Marketing offline – in papers and magazines for example – can be very expensive, and the ROI (return on investment) can be difficult to gauge.

Digital marketing, you’ll be pleased to hear, is a whole different ball game…

What is digital marketing for small businesses?

Digital marketing describes the marketing of products or services on digital technologies; predominantly online. In this vain, digital marketing describes the following:

The benefits of digital marketing for small businesses

Digital marketing for small business is great! A completely different world to print marketing, digital marketing is cheaper, easier, and arguably reaches more people.

Digital marketing is also more versatile, gives businesses more space to be creative and try new things, and allows businesses to be very specific in their audience mapping and targeting.

1. Website design

Any digital marketing for small businesses needs to start with a great looking, working website! Your website should be an easily found, easily navigated, interesting, and easily shareable hub for all your business’ information; that directs the visitor to make an enquiry or purchase. Without a website, you’ll struggle to gain the full benefits of digital marketing.

2. Pay Per Click & Social Media advertising

Pay Per Click – placing an advert on a host website, and paying a fee to that site every time the advert is clicked on – may sound like a bit of an expensive ‘faff’, but it’s actually a really cost-effective way to gain traffic to your website. Pay Per Click advertising can cost as little as 0.16 pence per click – if you get 100 clicks a day, that’ll only cost £1.60! Compare that to an advert in the local paper which could cost you as much as £495 and reach half the amount of people… it’s kind of a no-brainer, we think!

Similarly with Social Media advertising, it’s relatively cheap to run – allows you to set costs, target very specific groups of people based on what you want to achieve; including geographical locations, age ranges, interests, and careers – and presents you with instantly accessible, up-to-the-minute data that’ll help you keep track of how successful your ad is.

3. Search Engine Optimisation & content marketing

Search Engine Optimisation is a way of creating and curating content, using key search terms, to get found at the top of search engine search results. We think that SEO and content marketing – creating engaging, shareable content that promotes your business – go hand in hand, and should be used as such.

Content marketing is about letting the strength of your content – articles, videos, images – speak for itself; presenting your business as an expert in your field and gaining the trust of your customers. Content marketing can be very powerful and, done the right way, can make your business’ go viral!

4. App development

The design, development, and marketing of mobile applications…. With millions of apps downloaded on mobile devices every single day, this may be something you want to look into when thinking about digital marketing for small businesses. Need we say more!?

Digital marketing for small businesses: in conclusion

In conclusion, digital marketing for small businesses proves cost effective, presents a clear ROI, and can help you reach millions of people (potentially) with minimal effort.

We thinking digital marketing is great for small businesses and, of course, highly recommend it! If you run a small business and you’d like to explore your options with us, get in touch.

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