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Direct marketing in the digital age

What is direct marketing in the digital age and how can we harness its power?

Sophie Porter 01. Dec 2017 6 minutes
direct marketing and sales

Direct marketing is a way of advertising directly to customers through a variety of different channels; traditionally labeled as direct mail, direct marketing is often associated with expensive & outdated methods of promotion, such as posting personalised letters through consumers’ doors. However, as technology has evolved, so too has direct marketing.

So, what is direct marketing in the digital age?

Direct marketing IS digital marketing: it may surprise you, but direct marketing is digital marketing; using all online platforms to promote your product or service directly to specific and targeted audiences. And the great thing about digital marketing? It’s measurable, traceable, and entirely driven by metrics so you can get really specific - think of it as direct marketing on steroids!

Direct marketing is personal: metrics driven (i.e. dictated by data), direct marketing has the ability to get granular; often allowing you to drill down into specific locations, interests, and even the names of users that have engaged with you. And it’s that personalisation that consumers have come to expect; grab their attention and draw them in by using their name or an interest you know they have.

Direct marketing is permission-based: consider how many marketing emails you receive on a daily or weekly basis or how often you receive text messages from businesses offering you discount codes. This is because, somewhere, you’ve provided your details and ‘opted-in’ to receiving information. This often means that consumers are engaged in your offering or at least possess an interest in it, which wins you half the battle.

Direct marketing is joined up: focused around one central point - your website - direct marketing in the digital age is integrated; a way of using all the platforms at your disposal to promote one element of your business - whether that be a product or service.

Direct marketing is a better ROI: because you can drill down into specifics and trace where every visitor to your website comes from, direct marketing gives you a better return on investment. It’s also arguably cheaper than traditional, print or postal advertising. What’s more, you can use the hoards of data you receive from any direct (digital!) marketing to inform future marketing activities.

Direct Marketing in a digital age

How powerful is direct marketing in the digital age?

When we consider that direct marketing has become digital marketing, we start to see just how powerful it can be. Direct marketing as it is today enables us to target specific consumer groups, not only based on things like geographical location or previous engagement, but on their personal and professional interests, the terms they’re searching for online, and their intent.

And the more information you have about consumers, the more effective your marketing.

If you’d like to harness the power of direct marketing in the digital age, contact us today.

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