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Email marketing is a great tool; it’s cost-effective, drives traffic to your website, and promotes brand awareness… but only if people open the emails you send!

Here at Webkick, we love email marketing; we think it has the potential to bring in lots of lovely traffic to any business’ website, keep existing customers engaged, capture the attention of new ones with consistent branding design, and generate those all important sales & enquiries from customers, all for a fraction of the cost of direct mail or ‘offline’ marketing.

There are so many benefits to email marketing; including the fact that, done properly, opens and click throughs can also be tracked, which gives you lasting data to drive bigger campaigns; giving you insight into what the majority of your readers are engaging with.

However, all these benefits can only be seen if one thing happens: readers actually READ your emails! So, how do you get them to?

Here are a few of our best ideas for how to create an email people will read…

The basics of email marketing

Exciting subject lines: let’s work from the top – the subject line. It’s the first thing your audience will see, and therefore has to be direct, attention-grabbing, and benefit-led. Think about it; we’re all bombarded with hundreds of marketing emails every single day, what’s going to make yours stand out? Talking directly to the individual and showing them that you have exactly what they’re looking for. Don’t be generic, don’t be dull… be direct, put your reader’s needs first.

Have a clear idea of what you need to achieve: there’s no use sending out an email for the sake of it. Make sure you know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, otherwise your customers won’t know either. Make the message clear and the ‘ask’ direct. If your customers don’t know what they’re meant to do or why you’re bothering to email them, they’re going to have no problems with hitting the ‘delete’ button.

One call to action: emails have to include a call to action – a reason for your customers to be opening the email you’ve lovingly sent them, and visiting your website. Effective emails have one call to action, even if it’s a monthly e-newsletter with 4 – 6 news items; “read more” or “contact us now”, “buy today” or “start saving with us” – whatever it might be, your email needs to have a call to action, and it needs to be direct.

Good looks: an email needs to look good. Adhering to your brand guildlines (colours, fonts, tone of voice etc.), using high-quality imagery, and placing your brand at the forefront of reader’s minds. Your email needs to look stylish, aspirational, simple, and necessary. Readers need to look at it and immediately trust the information they’re being given.

Working links: your email needs to link back to specific pages of your website, and all those links need to work properly. There’s no use sending out an email to 6,000 of your existing customers telling them about a sale on your website, and not including a link to the sales page of your website, or worse, including a link to the wrong page of your site. Be smart, and use a little creativity…

When people read your emails

They may seem like simple ideas, by the ones above are really effective, and can make for a massive increase in sales through your website almost immediately.

Email marketing is a great way to do lots of interesting, innovative things with your customers – to do it in the right way, and get the best results for any project, talk to us today.

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