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Google Ads is a wonderful way to drive targeted traffic to your website, increase sales, and support any business’ digital marketing campaign but in order to unlock its full potential, you need to get it right.

Google Ads is an advertising service provided by Google for businesses wishing to display their adverts on Google and its vast networks. Google Ads works on the same principle as a Pay Per Click campaign – allowing you to target specific audiences, and pay a small fee every time the adverts gets a click-through; working predominantly with keywords.

If you get your campaign right, it’s a really effective way to increase the flow of traffic to your site for a specific campaign, product or cause, which will in turn increase the profile of your brand.

Yes, there are lots of advantages to this form of PPC, but if you get it wrong, your Google Ads campaign can have a detrimental effect on all your other marketing activity.

So, let’s breakdown what happens when you get your Google Ads campaign wrong, and when you get it right…

The implications of getting your Google Ads campaign wrong

  • Expensive: on the whole, Google Ads is an extremely cost effective way to increase sales through your website, but if your campaign is wrong, you’re essentially wasting money that could be spent elsewhere; alongside this, if you don’t set a limit on the cost or length of your campaign, it’ll just keep going, and rake up an enormous cost! You must also keep in mind that you pay per click-through, regardless of whether the person clicking-through finds what they’re looking for or not.
  • Could damage your online reputation: if you end up running a campaign on the wrong search terms; whether they’re irrelevant to your industry or relate to a service you don’t offer, it could affect your online reputation; if people are looking for something specific, and come across your website through an Google Ads campaign, but you don’t actually offer what they’re looking for, they’ll inevitably be annoyed and probably tell others about their negative experience!
  • Could increase your bounce rate: if your Google Ads campaign isn’t setup properly and you’re advertising something very specific, but your link goes through to an unrelated page or to the homepage, visitors will be likely to bounce off and try the next one down. Bounce rates have a negative impact on your SEO, which will then lower your Google ranking.

The implications of getting your Google Ads campaign right

In short, Google Ads is amazing! But only when used properly, people who know exactly how to use it to the best of its ability – people like us. So, why not talk to us today about setting up this kind of sophisticated PPC campaign?

  • Drives traffic to your site: when you get your campaign right, it drives lots of traffic to your website, which is a really great thing! The more traffic you experience, the greater your overall sales, right!? Right.
  • Cost & time effective: a good campaign costs as much as you need it to, doesn’t take much to set up, and can run essentially ‘in the background’ to support all other digital marketing activity.
  • Provides you with really useful data: you can track Google Ads, and conversations, so if people are clicking-through and buying your products, enquiring about your services, and generally moving around your site, you can see it; this arms you with incredibly useful data that you can use in all sorts of ways. 

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