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Used in the right way, content marketing is an incredibly powerful tool and, here, we explore how content marketing drives sales…

Here at Webkick, we love content marketing; particularly in the age of Social Media, where individual need is (or should be) at the centre of any successful business’ marketing plan, content marketing is a really effective tool to increasing customer engagement, attracting new customers, and fostering lasting relationships with existing customers. It’s versatile, and there are many ways how content marketing drives sales.

Traditionally, content marketing is all about the ‘soft-sell’ – selling a concept or an idea, and giving your customers really valuable information – rather than selling a product or service directly (‘hard-selling’) which, you’re probably thinking, could make it significantly harder to make that all important sale.

We think not and, actually, we think content marketing can be a really powerful tool to increasing sales through your website.

So, in light of this, here are 5 ways how content marketing drives sales…

How content marketing drives sales

Fosters an engaged audience: with its soft and fluffy centre, giving readers information, tips & advice, and ideas, content marketing is a great way to foster an engaged audience. A weekly blog, for example, will have subscribers and enthusiasts, people who regularly come back for more.

Allows you to monitor, and refine, your brand reputation online: tools like Social Media and blogs allow you to interact with your audience and observe how much engagement & traffic you’re receiving; this makes for a great way to collate and respond to feedback, as well as tailor your offerings to what your customers want.

Increases the profile of your brand: a really successful piece of content marketing will be shared by people all over the internet; as they share it on their personal Twitter feeds, Facebook timelines, comment on it, and perhaps even in emails to friends & family. All this activity will inevitably increase the profile and visibility of your brand.

Increases traffic to your website: any piece of content marketing should always end with a link to your website – ideally a specific page – and, if online (which most content marketing is these days!) should also include hyperlinks within the article.

Contributes to social proof: content marketing can take many forms, including case studies & testimonials which make up a magic little something we like to call social proof. Social proof hinges on real customers giving real statements about how wonderful your product or service is, and the positive impact it’s had on their personal or working lives.

Conclusions on how content marketing drives sales

With its often light and informative nature, content marketing can be a really effective tool for driving traffic to your website and consequently increasing sales.

Content marketing helps you not only to reach more potential customers and increase the awareness of your brand, but also to refine your offerings, and keep your existing customers engaged, enhancing the overall value of your brand.

To increase sales and enquiries through your website, and enhance the value of your brand with content marketing, contact us today.

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