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Blogging is a great way to raise the profile of your brand and present you as a thought leader in your field, so you might be wondering how to start a business blog.

Blogs are everywhere; all over Social Media, in our emails, and popping up across our favourite websites. There’s no denying that any business or professional individual worth their salt has a blog or has at least contributed to a blog.

And there’s very good reason; blogs are a really effective way to drive increased traffic to your website, present you as a thought leader and expert in your field, increase your profile and, ultimately, increase your sales.

So, here we’ll go through how to start a business blog…

Learn from your competitors: what are your competitors doing, or not doing, that you could do? Are they sharing information that people love? Or have you identified a gap in the information they’re sharing? Looking at what your competitors are doing and learning from it is the first step in how to start a business blog: your blog needs to contain information that you know people want, and you’re confident people need.

Identify the best ways to share your blog: having a blog is a great start, but in order for it to have the desired effect, you have to share it appropriately; think about where you’re going to share it and what you’ll do with it once it’s been created. There are multiple options available to you, not just Facebook, so really plan your activity.

Remember SEO: although it may seem like the boring, technical stuff, investing some time in researching relevant search terms and keywords to include in your blogs is incredibly valuable. It’s those search terms that are going to get your blog found on search engines like Google. Alongside this technical element, this research will probably give you some fabulous ideas for further blogs.

Consider your audience: who are you talking to and who are you trying to appeal to with your blog? Identifying your desired audience will help you establish your tone of voice, underlying messages, format, and then how you share your blog articles once they’ve been created.

Start with a backlog: there’s no use launching an entire blog, or blog section of your website, with no content. Try and launch your blog with at least four articles to get you started, and spark people’s interest – ideally on various subjects within your industry.

Commit to it: although you may be really enthusiastic about starting a business blog, it’s really easy to let it fall behind and become a rusty old, unused section of your website. If you’re going to start a business blog, make sure you’re ready to commit to it, and keep it regularly updated. At least once every 2 weeks and ideally once a week.

Include Social buttons: when building your blog, be sure to include Social share buttons on each article – this ensures any visitors to your blog who feel compelled to share your articles with their social networks can do so quickly and easily.

Always link it back: Always include hyperlinks to other internal pages of your site where appropriate, and end your blog with a specific call to action: ‘contact us to find out more’, ‘book your place now’ or ‘browse our online shop’ are all great CTAs, depending on what you’re trying to achieve.

Our thoughts on how to start a business blog

When it comes to the ins and outs of how to start a business blog, one thing to remember is this: writing a blog is the easy part, making it work for your business takes times, planning, and understanding of what you’re trying to achieve with it and why.

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