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Everything you need to know about how to start content marketing.

If you’ve never before ventured into the world of content marketing, the concept can seem a little daunting – like a foreign land you’re first stepping onto – but with our expert hints and tips, we can show you exactly how to start content marketing, and how simple, and effective!, it truly can be…

How to start content marketing

identifying your intent & underlying goals

In raising your business’ profile, creating a dialogue between your business and your customers, and portraying you as experts in your field, content marketing is incredibly powerful; once that power is discovered, it’s really easy to get excited (we all do it) and create content for content’s sake.

Our advice to you is… DON’T! When thinking about how to start content marketing, the first place to start is by identifying your underlying goals; what do you wish to achieve with this content – raising awareness for your brand, connections with relevant trade press and local media, driving enquiries through your website…?

There are many reasons why you may wish to use content marketing, and identifying those will help you establish exactly how and what you create.

Do your research!

Research may sometimes feel slightly tedious – trawling through mountains of newspapers, books, and websites of mostly irrelevant material just to find one golden nugget of valuable information to spark your inspiration – but it’s absolutely vital when considering how to start content marketing for your business.

Start by finding out the top trending online articles in your industry, and interesting local media stories making waves across your community; use current issues and popular topics to springboard your content marketing, make it relevant, and add value.

Audiences are most likely to engage with information, opinions, and advice regarding things that are going on around them right now – they’re not interested in things that happened last month or last year. Why would they be?

Find your angle

We live in an age of information saturation; billions of people across the world can access the internet within a matter of seconds, on a myriad of technical devices. This means anyone can write and publish information on any given subject, and make it available to millions of people. What makes you and your business different?

When thinking about how to start content marketing, finding your angle is exactly what makes your business different, and what makes you stand out above the rest.

A simple example of this…

Maybe there are 10 other businesses in your industry talking about the cons of a certain service or product; so… what’s different? You could turn it on its head and talk about the PROS!

Finding your unique opinion, your voice, is what’s going to set you apart from everyone else and make your content marketing succeed.

Create your content

Probably the most obvious [and fun] step of all; roll up your sleeves, turn your computer on, and get creating your content! We love this stage – where business strategies, marketing, and creativity all come together to make something beautiful.

And when we say ‘content’, we don’t just mean a written article – content can include infographics, photos, articles & blogs, and videos – the more content you have, across a variety of media, the more engaging your message, and the more shareable it is which, as we all know, is ideal for that wonderful beast we call social media.

Our expert advice on content marketing

As with everything digital marketing, there’s so much more we can say about how to start content marketing but these handy tips will be sure to get your creative juices following in the right way to begin your journey to effective, engaging, and successful content marketing.

If you want to know more about content marketing, how to launch a successful content marketing campaign or just want a team of experts to do all the hard work for you, give us a call today or send us an email – we’re always here to help!

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