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What is the real importance of web design? Let us explain…

Here at Webkick, we make all sorts of minty fresh, great looking websites, for all sorts of great businesses; from start-ups and brand new businesses that don’t have any kind of online presence, to SMEs and international businesses looking to rebrand and refresh their digital footprint. But there’s one thing every business we work with has in common; understanding the importance of web design.

Of course, when we talk about the importance of web design, we’re not just talking about how a website looks – although that is a pinnacle factor! – there are lots of important aspects of web design to think of, and lots of reasons why web design, and getting all of these aspects right, is important in making your business succeed!

Conversions and the importance of web design

So… let’s start from the top! Conversions. Every website is built with a purpose, therefore this is arguably the primary point when considering the importance of web design; what you want visitors to do when they land on your website and how you want them to use your website will determine how it looks, how it works, and what content is included.

What your business is and does will determine what you want visitors to do; if you run a cake shop, for example, you may want visitors to buy a cake, and if you run a charitable organisation, you may want visitors to donate money or make an enquiry about how to support you. Whatever the end goal, this will feed into how your website is designed; the conversation always remaining the focal point of the website.

The importance of web design and aesthetics & functionality

Moving swiftly onto point number 2: aesthetics & functionality when thinking about the importance of web design.

It’s really easy, in the age of the internet – when everyone and every business is online in all sorts of different and interesting ways – that just having a website or having a Facebook page is enough; regardless of how it looks or what it’s like to navigate. But, alas, this is where a lot of businesses go wrong.

It’s no use having a website that doesn’t work for you; whether that be making sales or generating enquiries and, let’s face it, first impressions are everything online! With 80% of 3.5 billion people across the world who use the internet every day, doing so on mobile devices, website MUST now be built to be responsive (mobile-friendly); this also means websites need to be simple and precise, with a clear and logical user journey from homepage to sale/enquiry.

If not, your website either just won’t be found or, when it is, visitors will bounce off of it in seconds and move onto the next website on their search list…

SEO on the importance of web design

Ah, Search Engine Optimisation; the lovely stuff Google so adores! SEO means creating and curating your content in such a way that your website is found high up on Google’s search listings – copy, images, videos etc. Naturally, we think this is super high up on the list of things to consider in the importance of web design.

You can have a wonderful website that looks great, has well written content, a logical user journey, and a strong call to action to generate sales/enquiries, but if you haven’t thought about SEO, and your content isn’t optimised, no-one will find it! And all that hard work will go unnoticed. *sad faces*.

Our advice to you, as a starting point, for SEO would be: find out what words and phrases your customers search for – like: “hiking boots” or “online shoe shop” if you run an online shoe shop, for example – when looking for your business online, and use those words and phrases all over your site; Google will love you.

Our summary on the importance of web design

Well, by now you’ve probably gathered that there are lots of things to think about and include when considering the importance of web design and how to get it right; and how important it is to get it right!

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