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One of the most popular Social Media platforms available, what are our 5 Instagram marketing tips for businesses?

Facebook’s sister platform, Instagram boasts 800 million active monthly users, up an incredible 200 million from 2016.

A great platform for businesses to speak directly to your customers and potential customers, here are 5 of our top instagram marketing tips for businesses.

1. Interact with your followers

Social Media is built to be interactive, and so many businesses forget this; firing content blindly into the ether and expecting followers to respond to it. To encourage engagement and consequent growth, which in turn will lead to improved brand awareness, one of the most effective things you can do when Instagram marketing is to respond to the comments you receive – engage in conversation with your followers, like the posts they tag you in, and thank them for sharing your posts.

2. Create a hashtag

By creating a hashtag, you’re essentially creating an online community for users to join – users who will be interested in what you’re doing because they’re using your hashtag on their posts, and following it. Hashtags are a really simple and effective way to build up brand loyalty when Instagram marketing.

3. Don’t post too often

Posting too often can be just as damaging as hardly ever posting at all. Flooding your Instagram feed with multiple images every day can easily irritate your followers and dilute your message. Whereas posting a couple of times a week will ensure your followers remain engaged with your page, and interested in what you have to share.

4. Think outside the box

Instagram is all about the visual; the artistic and the creative. Followers don’t want to be directly sold too, they want to be inspired, and seek the beauty in a product or brand. Don’t be afraid to do something a bit different to make your brand stand out from the crowd, and don’t forget to mix it up a bit; use the Boomerang function to create fun, bite-sized content, and the story function to spark the imaginations of your followers.

5. Set up a business profile

This may seem like a really obvious thing to say when it comes to Instagram marketing tips for businesses, but so many businesses forget to do this. There are 2 types of Instagram profile: a personal account and a business account. Setting up your profile as a business account will give you better analytics, and the ability to promote your posts, which will in turn grow your following and allow you to learn from your followers. A personal account won’t give you nearly the same capabilities.

Instagram marketing tips: a final thought

Instagram can be a great addition to your marketing efforts, and something most businesses should consider, but not something anyone should simply jump into without considering carefully, first.

Not everything works well on Instagram, and not every Instagram post will enjoy engagement galore…

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