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Inspiring the next generation of digital experts on International Women's Day

Recently, our Account Manager Nicole Wells had the great pleasure of being invited to present at Andover College for their event, 'Women in Digital' as part of International Women's Day 2018.

Sophie Porter 15. Mar 2018 5 minutes

The event was held to inspire young minds to take an interest in the digital industry; reflecting the ever-growing needs of the modern consumer, and the evolution of technology, increasing the demand on digital marketing.

Following Penny Power MBE, Nicole presented alongside 8 other businesswomen from the area, to wave after wave of local secondary schools.

The most common theme occurring throughout the presentations in the amphitheatre was:

roles in the digital industry can be so diverse and ever-changing, we are all always learning!

Nicole, having grown up in Andover, attended John Hanson Secondary School as well as Andover College to study Art & Design, and Marketing.

As students from John Hanson attended the event, Nicole felt able to connect with the students, and show real-world progression from school to a meaningful career in the digital industry.

Nicole explained what she loves most about her role; getting to work with such an array of different clients in various industries, all with different needs. Every day is different.

She explained:

“One day, we could be creating a great looking website or designing advertisements, next be on a film set creating promo videos, to being fully engrossed in planning a Google Ads campaign.

Those are just some of the activities we get to work on as an agency. Many different skills that compliment each other, making up a really valuable offering for our clients, but the main point is: working in this kind of industry is FUN!

The event was a great success and we were delighted to receive great feedback from the Principle of Andover College.

Since the Women in Digital event, we were thrilled to invite an Andover College student, Chelsea, currently studying Graphics and IT to our studio to gain some valuable work experience. She has been getting on well and has learned some new things already!

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