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When launching a new product or service, you may wish to use local Pay Per Click to strengthen your campaign, and here’s why…

Pay Per Click advertising; an alien concept to anyone who hasn’t come across it before, a powerful tool to anyone who has.

An online advertising model used to direct traffic to websites for a nominal cost per click, PPC is a really effective tool businesses can use to strengthen any marketing campaign; targeting your ideal customers, capturing all-important data, and increasing sales.

When it comes to Pay Per Click advertising, the possibilities are almost endless and, where a lot of companies are so inclined to use it to target online communities on a regional and national scale – let’s be honest, we all want to reach as many people as possible with our marketing, right!? – we feel that, particularly for small businesses, investing in local Pay Per Click can be even more effective.

Why go local?

For any business to truly succeed, one must first invest in its local community; appealing to local customers, raising your business’ profile in your town, and supporting local causes in order to gain trust and loyalty.

Showing you care about the customers on your doorstep will inevitably build up an almost unbreakable, positive reputation for your business; a reputation you can then use to conquer new lands. Exactly the same approach can be applied to online activity.

5 reasons to invest in local Pay Per Click

  1. The amount of online searches made locally: Where 40,000 online searches are made through Google every single second of the day, an incredible 20% of those are made with local intent. That’s 8,000 searches made every second by local people, looking specifically for local goods and services.
  2. You know your local audience, speak directly to them: You know your local town, and the people within it; you know what they like, the kinds of things they’re likely to do with their free time, and what they’re passionate about. Investing in local PPC means you can use this knowledge to speak directly to them, and offer them exactly what they want, how they want it.
  3. Keeping costs down and conversions high: Trying to reach customers on a national scale means you’re competing with national retailers with bigger budgets and bigger brands; this will inevitably fail, especially if you’re a small business with a small budget. Local Pay Per Click keeps costs down and conversions high by limiting the amount of competition.
  4. Local activity is great for mobile users: These days, mobile users make up 80% of online audiences; using things like call extensions and location extensions – with Google My Business – where those searching on mobiles can find your address or give you a call with one click, all count towards the positive mobile user experience. Great for SEO and Google rankings!
  5. Quality, not quantity: By keeping your PPC campaign local, you’ll get less leads, but of a much higher quality; your content will be more valuable, your sales and enquiries will increase, and your online presence will improve. Keeping your activity local will increase the overall quality of your website and surrounding digital marketing.

Example: PPC Andover

Say you own a business in Andover; you’re new, you’re passionate, and you’re ready to get your name out there. You have a premises just off the High Street, and it’s doing pretty well in terms of footfall and reputation, but a big public holiday is coming, and you want to expand your business to include online sales.

Creating a PPC Andover advertising campaign is the most effective way to do this; ensuring your Google My Business is set up, and all call extensions are added to capture local people searching online who still prefer the ‘traditional’ face-to-face approach.

To aid your PPC Campaign, you write a customised landing page for your website which talks directly to local people; drawing on local experiences and practical solutions (i.e. your products!) to their local issues. You also create Google Ads based on really specific local searches made relating to your business, and… you’re set!

Waiting for the leads to roll in…

Once you’ve done all this, all you have to do is sit back, relax, and let the leads and sales roll in.

And the best part about local Pay Per Click? Once your campaign has ended, you can use the data you’ve collected to remarket to visitors based on their engagement with your website; whether those who bought from you, almost bought by abandoning their cart or had a root around specific pages but left without doing very much…

If you’d like to invest in the power of local Pay Per Click advertising, contact us today.

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