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Local SEO: SEO Andover and SEO Hampshire

What are the benefits of local SEO and how can your business get the best out of it?

Sophie Porter 25. Sep 2019 4 minutes

For a lot of businesses, SEO - or Search Engine Optimisation - is still a bit of a mystery; seen as an obscure marketing term used to confuse those ‘not in the know’.

However, in reality, SEO is something incredibly valuable that can support your business to grow; your sales increase and your brand awareness reach new heights, particularly locally.

What is local search?

Local SEO is a sub-area of Search Engine Optimisation which focuses on optimising your online presence for local searches; a way of marketing your business online to local customers using search results.

At this point, you might be wondering what the point is. You have a shop in town and your local customers come in pretty regularly. You have reached a place where you want to attract new customers, why would you want to invest in local search?

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The benefits of local SEO

As a local business, with strong ties to our local community, we believe that any successful business needs to start locally; building brand awareness, trust, and loyalty from customers in their local area, in order to then reach out further.

For us, the benefits of local SEO are:

  • Building strong customer connections: by promoting your business online locally, you will foster strong relationships with customers in your local area; with the potential to become their ‘one-stop-shop’ for both online and offline shopping - customer loyalty in its most effective form.

  • Attracting passers-by and tourists: for those who don’t know the area - families on holiday or business people passing through your community - local SEO is a great way of letting them know you’re there for them. Particularly powerful for restaurants, cafés, hotels or local attractions, local SEO will help you rank highly for relevant searches made by people in your area.

  • Reaching mobile users: In the age of mobile technology, it’s becoming increasingly important for businesses to consider mobile first when thinking about their online presence - local SEO helps you reach mobile users, who make up 80% of people accessing the internet on a daily basis!

An example of local SEO: SEO Andover and SEO Hampshire

Let’s give you an example of how to do local SEO and how it can help grow your business…

You’ve just launched a new business - an online shop - in Andover, Hampshire. You create a website and reach out to all the local online forums, and social media groups, to get noticed by the people around you.

For the first few weeks, it works; your friends and family, and their friends and family are buying from you. Great! But, once everyone you know, and everyone they know, has purchased what they need, sales start declining. So… what’s next to generate more sales over a longer period of time?

SEO Andover and SEO Hampshire, of course! Investing in search engine optimisation to target people specifically in your town or passing through, and then in your region, will ensure that so many more people than just your sister and her 3 friends will discover how wonderful your new business is, and keep sales steadily rolling in over time.

What is local SEO marketing?

SEO Andover and SEO Hampshire is just one example of how local SEO services can help your business capture more customers and grow your business.

Local SEO marketing is a long term investment for any business looking to appeal to more customers, and make more sales. SEO optimisation is about online visibility; it’s all very well having a great looking website, but if people can’t find it, there’s almost no point - particularly when your business is customer-facing.

When it comes to business - you’re either investing in local search or you’re invisible.

Talk to us today about your SEO needs.

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