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Why social media marketing is a great way to raise your profile locally and the best ways to do it.

We make no secret of the fact we love social media. Social media isn’t just about pretty pictures, inspirational quotes, and hilarious 20 second videos of cats with cucumbers; used in the right way, social media can also be a really effective tool to help you grow your business.

This is why Social Media Marketing exists; a way of utilising multiple social media platforms to raise your business’ profile, and generate more sales in a creative, and measurable way.

There’s no denying that any social media post has the potential to reach millions of people across the world, which is wonderful, but we think that any successful business first needs to start local…

Reasons to invest in local Social Media Marketing

The beauty of social media is that you can target potential customers, based on a whole load of lovely data; from where people work or where they live, to what their interests are or what they enjoy doing at weekends. If they’ve put it on Facebook, you have access to it – and this is why local Social Media Marketing is really important.

Putting a Facebook or Twitter post up is all very well and good but, particularly if you own a premises in a specific town or city or specialise in producing something that relies on a specific location, putting something out on social media for the world to see probably isn’t going to do anything for you.

But what is going to do something for you, is targeting those people living and/or working in your area.

Local Social Media Marketing supports you to:

  • Build your brand reputation
  • Create brand awareness
  • Foster an engaged audience
  • Appeal to your target audience, guaranteeing sales

An example of local Social Media Marketing: Social Media Marketing Hampshire

You know we love giving you a practical and tangible idea of what we’re talking about, for you to take away, and this is it…

Say you own a farm shop & café in Hampshire; you’re really proud of your shop in Hampshire, and you make everything you do central to being in Hampshire – you buy your stock from Hampshire-based producers, your employees are all from Hampshire, and you even buy your business insurance from a Hampshire provider.

You want to appeal to a younger audience, a social media savvy audience; but how do you do this? By investing in Social Media Marketing Hampshire.

To mirror your business’ ethos, you create a number of vibrant Facebook adverts to appeal to more people in Hampshire; targeting people living in Hampshire, and people who have a keen interest in events in Hampshire (and are therefore likely to often pass through).

Couple this with usual social media posts relating to any upcoming events or related local Hampshire news to capture those who are reached organically, and you’re onto a winner…

Relevant people, in the relevant areas, with relevant interests will start to see your brand on their social media feeds. And if they see you on their social media feeds, you’ll stay at the forefront of their minds whenever they’re passing through the county or looking for a place to relax with family and friends at the weekend… perfect!

Always consider local Social Media Marketing first

Whatever your business, whatever your ethos, we would urge you to always consider local first; building your brand reputation, fostering customer loyalty, and growing your customer-base within your immediate location.

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