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We think using a local web design and digital marketing agency when creating or recreating your website is the best way to go, and here are 5 advantages of staying local from a web design Andover viewpoint…

Here at Webkick, we love working with local businesses to support them to improve their online presence; creating real time, effective, and measurable campaigns to ensure sustainable business growth.

For us, investing in our local community is important – getting to know the businesses we work with personally, and ensuring they succeed in every venture they undertake.

Unlike national agencies working with multinational businesses or international web developers charging low rates for low standards of design, local web design and digital marketing agencies like us are wholly committed to local businesses, and ensuring they get the best results from their online.

So, as a local agency, what do we think are the top 5 advantages of staying local?

  1. They understand what your customers want: working with a local agency means they already know the landscape; they know what your customers engage with, and what they want on a local level. This can contribute to really specific and direct content, Social Media and Pay Per Click advertising, and local SEO.
  2. They can support you with profile building and local PR: any great, local agency has local media contacts, and good relationships with them; you can use this to your advantage – supporting you to raise your profile locally, building trust and loyalty from your customers, and enhance the value of your brand.
  3. They’re only down the road if something goes wrong: while it may seem like a really small point, it’s incredibly significant to logistics and your own peace of mind. Working with a local web design and digital marketing agency means that, if anything goes wrong – pages of your site break or you encounter an online reputation issue that needs immediate attention, for example – they can be there in a matter of minutes.
  4. They keep costs down in the long run: using a cheap international web designer may seem like a great idea when you’re just starting out, but, actually, it can easily end up costing you more; having a cheap website created by someone in another country can lead to all sorts of serious issues – grammatical errors in the copy, broken links, inconsistencies in the messaging and tone of your overall site – which could take someone living in another timezone days, or even weeks, to fix. Not only will your online reputation plummet, and your sales decrease because of these, but you’ll have to spend so much more to get these fixed!
  5. They’ll be dedicated, and as passionate about your success as you are: you established your business because you’re passionate about what you do. If you take your business to a top, national agency – particularly if you’re a small business – your custom will inevitably end up at the bottom of a big pile of work; overtaken by the bigger, higher-paying businesses. That’s no good if you want things done quickly, and efficiently. Using a local agency almost guarantees their dedication to your success; ensuring your business is top of the pile, 100% of the time.

Example: web design Andover

So, now comes the bit of the blog where we give you a tangible example of why we think staying local is best…

Let’s say you’ve just set up a business in Andover selling children’s toys. You haven’t got much money because you’ve just started and you’ve sunk it all into setting up; renting or purchasing your town centre premises, employing experienced staff, and investing in a little offline advertising with the local paper.

You have get the odd customer come in and browse, make a purchase or two and leave, but you’re only just starting out and you need to reach more people in Andover and increase your profile.

If you use an international developer…

You find an international web developer online who charge £500 for an all singing, all dancing website. Great! Within a few weeks you have a website that looks great but, for some reason, it’s not pulling in the online visitors you were hoping for; maybe 2 or 3 on a good day…

Upon closer inspection, you notice that your copy is full of mistakes; there’s no SEO work been done on your content, and several of the links are broken or lead to the wrong pages. You raise these issues in an email and, because of the language barrier and time difference, only half of the issues you’ve raised are sorted after a couple of weeks of raising them. What a headache!

If you use a local web design Andover agency…

A web design agency in Andover is recommended to you by a friend; you go to their offices for a personal meeting, and they discuss with you exactly what you need from your online presence – suggesting the audiences you need to target and the avenues you need to take.

They get your business registered on Google My Business, put you in contact with local offline and online media, research and implement an effective SEO strategy, and create local PPC advertising campaigns to directly target local families with small children – as well as create a stunning website.

Within only a few weeks of your website going live, you notice your profile increasing; people are talking about you and customers are buying from you, both on and offline.

These are the realities of using a local agency, vs. any other.

Choose local – contact us about your business today.

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