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Social Media has revolutionised our online experience, so how and why should businesses be marketing by Social Media?

We all know how popular Social Media is – we only have to look at the tabs currently open on our browsers or glance at the home screen of our phones to see how often we all check it, update it, and generally engage with it; and this is why it’s crucial for any business operating today.

It may surprise you to know that almost 2.5 billion people across the world use Social Media every day, and with those kinds of figures associated with it, you would be foolish not to use it as a marketing tool.

Now that we’ve covered the ‘why’ in marketing by Social Media, we can move onto the fun part: How?

How to start marketing by Social Marketing

With such a large audience at your potential disposal, it can be all too easy for businesses to put a single post out on Facebook or Twitter and expect the sales and enquiries to come rolling in, one after the other.

However, as with anything, it’s never really this easy; especially when we consider that Facebook’s algorithms are making it increasingly difficult to reach audiences organically.

Couple this with the fact that there are multiple Social Media platforms at your disposal, and we start to see that, in reality, you need to create a real strategy and plan your marketing by Social Media in order to make it work.

So, how could you use Social Media as a valuable marketing tool for your business?

Social media hints and tips

Post regularly: if you post regularly – around once a day depending on the platform – your followers are more likely to see it and engage with it, which will increase the value of your professional pages, and make them visible to more people.

Link your posts to specific, relevant pages of your website: there’s almost no point in posting on Social Media without linking your posts to relevant pages of your website. Think of your Social Media platforms as an extension of your site, there to drive traffic to it.

Use Social platforms as part of a wider campaign: whether you’re running an online campaign or an offline marketing campaign; a series of printed adverts, editorial or blogs, you should always incorporate some form of Social Media activity in your plan – joining up all your online and offline activity can make your campaign go so much further.

Invest in Facebook advertising: advertising on Facebook can be incredibly powerful; allowing you to target specific groups of people based on things like: location, job title, interests and likes… even actions they’ve taken on your website. Creating carefully planned Facebook adverts can be a really effective, and cost effective, way of driving traffic and consequent sales through your website.

Use it to monitor your brand reputation: Facebook can be a really effective way of monitoring your brand reputation; allowing you to see what your customers are engaging with, what they’re not engaging with, and have two-way conversations with them.

The value of marketing by Social Media

Social Media marketing can help you reach thousands of potential customers; drive traffic to your website, monitor your brand reputation, support campaigns, talk to your customers, and tailor your offerings to what your customers tell you they want and enjoy.

In short, marketing by Social Media is a really valuable way of increasing your online sales and enquiries, without having to spend out hundreds of pounds on printed advertising.

And the best part about marketing by Social Media? It’s entirely measurable and traceable.

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