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SEO and Content Marketing

What is SEO and content marketing, and how can you use them together to grow your business?

Sophie Porter 01. Oct 2019 4 minutes

In our expert, yet humble, opinion SEO and content marketing go hand in hand; handily, you can’t really have one without the other. Which is great, because both are integral to a growing and successful business and its online presence.

What is SEO and content marketing?

So, before we launch into why we think search engine optimisation and content marketing go together like peanut butter and chocolate (yum!), and how you should be using them, it would probably be really useful if we explained what they are, right!?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is a way of creating and curating content on your website to include key search terms and words, relevant to your business, that get you found high up on search engine search results.

Content marketing means creating interesting, relevant, and engaging content that audiences can share and use; using the strength of your content to promote your business.

Got it? Great! Now, onto our next point we go…

Breaking News! SEO and content marketing aren’t entirely separate entities

Contrary to popular belief, as mentioned above, we think that these 2 practices overlap considerably. Where others may feel content marketing overtakes SEO in the digital marketing scale of importance, we strongly feel that SEO optimisation and content as marketing fulfil their respective needs.

Deemed separate entities because search engine optimisation is more technical and focused on achieving narrower goals – where content marketing takes a broader, more holistic approach to content creation and quality content – SEO optimisation and content marketing can easily and logically overlap to create something very special for your business’ online presence.

What's more, when building a content marketing strategy, you'll want to incorporate SEO into it, in order to get the most out of your content.

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How to use SEO and content together, effectively

When SEO and content marketing get together, something magical happens…

Writing a great piece of content is only half the battle. You can write the most incredible, witty, thought-provoking article that has ever existed online, showcasing your business as experts in your chosen field, but if it doesn’t get seen by the right people – whether that be existing customers, potential new customers, supporters or potential business partners (it really depends on your goals), what’s the point of it? That’s where search engine optimisation rears its beautiful head!

By conducting some simple keyword research and including a series of key search terms and words in your article – like “local Hampshire car wash” if you run a local car wash based in Hampshire, for example – you will increase your chances of that wonderful article being seen by so many more people.

Where else can content and SEO be used?

When we talk about SEO and content marketing, we don’t just mean the text on websites or news items; we’re also talking about images, videos, and social media.

Google is forever changing its rules on search and how websites and web pages are displayed on search results – which makes sense, given the ever changing tapestry that is the internet and mobile technology – but that means that the way we build content changes rapidly, to suit.

Now, in terms of optimising content, websites that use videos and images, rank higher than those that don’t. Also, social media features on websites – buttons that link to your Facebook or Twitter pages from your website – also count towards better optimisation.

Lasting thoughts and advice...

Next time you feel like venturing into the world of creating SEO content, our advice to you is… Go for it!

Use them together and enjoy them as you would a peanut butter and chocolate treat of some non-brand-specific description (!) and remember this few rules:

• Make your content shareable on social media

• Use images, copy, and videos where possible

• Write articles using key search terms

• Have fun with it!

And if you’re still unsure, you can’t make it work for you or you simply don’t have the time, get some experts in like us to support you.

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