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Social Media and photography go hand in hand, but what rules should you follow to get the best out of both for your business?

Good quality Social Media and photography are like a love-struck couple, destined to be together forever; they’re meant to be, know exactly what the other wants & needs at all times, and compliment each other perfectly. But get the combination wrong, and it could be detrimental, not only to your Social Media engagement, but to the reputation and perception of the brand you’ve worked so hard to establish.

Top tips for great Social Media and photography

So, what would we recommend you consider when planning, creating, and delivering your Social Media and photography?

Capture things as they happen: Social Media is immediate, and therefore the content you share should be too! There’s no use talking about something that happened within your business or something you achieved 3 weeks after the event. Get a photo of the event, the cheque presentation, your team accepting the award (or whatever exciting thing that’s happening for your business) whilst it’s happening and post it up on your social platforms as soon as you possibly can. Your followers will love it.

Find the best angle: always consider the composition of your photograph very carefully – Social Media is saturated with beautiful photographs of interesting things; to make an impression, you have to find the unique angle, use the best light, and ensure the quality of the photograph itself is high. Basically, if it’s blurry and dark… Get rid of it!

Don’t get too ‘wordy’: as Social Media has evolved, so too has the way consumers use it and, where Social Media was once predominantly word-based, consumers have come to favour photography and video; engaging with short form content over paragraph after paragraph of explainer text. To truly get the best out of your Social Media and photography, accompany any photo with a short, direct explainer text: a sentence at most. Your photograph should explain everything you want to demonstrate.

Don’t post too often: even if you have 20 beautiful photographs awaiting public display, and your Social Media engagement is booming, don’t be tempted to post them too often or all at once. Posting striking images less often will make more of an impact on your followers, and ensure higher engagement for longer; post too often, and your followers will very quickly tune out of the majority of your work.

It’s an extension of your brand: you must always treat your Social Media platforms as an extension of your brand; it’s part of your image, your voice, and your mission. It talks directly to your customers, and your potential customers, and therefore everything you release via these channels has to be of a really high quality.

Yes, Social Media and photography are undoubtedly soulmates, but they’re also all too easy to get wrong. If you’d like more information about Social Media and photography, and how to get it right for your business, talk to us today.

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