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Success starts at home: local business, strong community

You may remember recently we shared with you the news that Webkick were supporting local business Let Me Drive You private hire service to celebrate their 5th year in business.

Sophie Porter 15. Jul 2016 2 minutes

We’re delighted to say that the event, held at The White Hart, Andover, was a wonderful success; celebrating not only the business achievements of this unique company, but also bringing together members of the local business community. Entertained by Andover-based Magician Michael King (pictured), local businesses were invited to network, enjoy light refreshments, and take part in a live auction, where gifts donated were auctioned off on behalf of local charity Andover Mind.

This gave us a chance to strengthen existing relationships with fellow businesses, and make connections with new ones in a relaxed and informal atmosphere, whilst showing our support and admiration for a successful local business.

The night raised not only spirits, but also £640 for Andover Mind – making a vital contribution to the local work that they do; supporting people with mental health concerns to achieve greater well-being. Here at Webkick, we’re focussed on ensuring local businesses are supported to be the best they can be; creating great-looking websites that work effectively for our clients. Events like this offline, compliment everything we believe in online! We’re strong advocates of local business and believe that success starts at home… If you own a local business, and you’d like us to support you, send us an email or give us a call today.

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