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With Social Media rapidly taking precedence over most online platforms, email is the often forgotten son of the digital marketing age, so what is the effectiveness of email marketing, really?

As the world truly begins to embrace digital marketing – the marketing of goods and services online – and the way in which people consume information, shop, and communicate ever changes, so too do trends in the way businesses use digital platforms.

Currently, for example, businesses are flocking to Social Media to enhance the value of their brand, and increase customer engagement.

Whilst this is, of course, a wonderful thing and something to be encouraged, it can be all too easy – especially for small businesses with small marketing teams – to neglect other digital marketing platforms at their disposal, in order to focus on just one.

Too often, that neglected platform is email.

However, here at Webkick, we genuinely believe in the effectiveness of email marketing; not only to raise awareness of your brand, and drive sales through your website, but also to keep customers warm to your business.

The effectiveness of email marketing for warm audiences

The great thing about email marketing is that, often, individuals have ‘opted in’ to receive information from you – they’ve already engaged with you and expressed an interest in knowing more.

When it comes to marketing, getting people on board and engaged with your brand is half the battle, but when looking at your email lists and preparing an email marketing campaign, you can be safe in the knowledge that the hardest part is [almost] done – that you’re communicating with an audience you know want to be communicated with, and are expecting to receive emails from you.

Using email marketing to drive sales

Due to this, email marketing can arguably be more effective at driving sales than using Social Media.

Unless you’re using PPC and paid Social Media advertising, driving sales through your organic Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn reach can be really difficult – you’re essentially projecting into the unknown and hoping your audience listen, which is becoming increasingly difficult, particularly on Facebook.

Whilst this may be good for raising awareness of your brand, it’s not always effective for driving sales, which needs a more direct and targeted approach.

Email can give you this; sophisticated email marketing campaigns can be targeted to specific types of customer, and even personalised to the individual.

The effectiveness of email marketing for regular communication

You won’t always want to drive sales, sometimes you’ll simply want to give your customers new information, keep them updated on an ongoing project or thank them for doing something.

Email is a wonderful way of doing this without being too intrusive – a way of showing your customers you care about them on a regular basis without taking up too much of their time or commanding their attention.

And a customer that feels valued, is a customer that will return.

Competing against junk mail

Of course, like everything, there are downsides of email marketing; an email is easy to bypass, and you’re competing against lots of junk mail from other businesses trying to do something similar.

This is where a really well written and structured email marketing campaign comes in – something unique that not only stands out for it’s boldness, but also talks directly to the individual about something they need right now.

Never be afraid to be a bit brave and a bit different with your content…

What we think about the effectiveness of email marketing

We think, used in the right way, and with the right techniques, email marketing is a really effective tool to support any digital marketing campaign, and something that should never be overlooked.

If you’d like to start using email marketing to drive sales and communicate with your customers, talk to us today.

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