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The importance of auditing your website

We all want to remain at the top of our game, particularly in business, and here, we’ll walk you through the importance of auditing your website

Sophie Porter 07. Oct 2016 3 minutes
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‘Auditing’ - admittedly, a bit of a dirty word for any business; when you’re busy doing your day job, the idea of auditing, or having an audit done, can just feel like a rigmarole – full of stress, and followed by a heavy list of things to action before the next one.

However, in reality, auditing keeps your business at the top of its game – making sure you know exactly what you have achieved, what you are achieving, and what direction you’re heading in to continue that achievement.

Precisely the same principle should be adopted when auditing your website; something you should be doing at least twice a year, if not more, to ensure your website continues to generate traffic, drive enquiries, and bring in those all-important sales.

This, in a nutshell, is the importance of auditing your website…

The importance of auditing your website: what is a website audit?

Technically, a website audit is when you forensically examine every area of your website to determine what is ‘good’ about it (i.e. what works), and what is ‘bad’ about it (i.e. what doesn’t work); ending with suggested ways you can improve.

The importance of auditing your website: what is covered in a website audit?

The short answer is – everything on your website!

  • Site & URL errors

  • XML sitemap and robot.txt files

  • Internal and external duplicate, and out-of-date content

  • Website architecture – including missing, duplicate, and optimal title tags, and meta descriptions

  • Canonicalisation and site speed

A website audit gives you a clear idea of how your website works as a whole, but arguably the most crucial part of the audit lies within the report generated upon completion; detailing how you can improve.

The importance of auditing your website: continuous improvement

Successful, growing businesses don’t become successful, growing businesses overnight; we work hard to get to the top of our industries, and work even harder to stay there.

Being successful means staying sharp; understanding the competition and going one better; finding new and innovative ways of bringing new customers in, and keeping them there. Being successful is about having a product or service better than anyone else, and ensuring it stays that way! Your website needs the same treatment.

If your website becomes slow to load, internal links and URLs break or no longer lead anywhere, if you haven’t updated any of the content for several months or it’s difficult to navigate, any visitors – those potential new customers – will bounce off and land on your competitors’ sites. And, realistically, we all know what that means; lost sales and enquiries.

The importance of auditing your website

The importance of auditing your website: final thoughts

Your website is your business’ virtual shop window – working 24/7 to generate leads for your business – it needs to make the best first impression for anyone who lands on it.

Auditing allows your website to continue performing; bringing in leads and growing your business. Don’t run the risk of losing sales or enquiries.

Rate Your Website today and stay at the top of your game.

Here at Webkick, we've created a great online tool that allows you to have your website quickly, and efficiently audited with little time or effort needed from you - simply enter a few core details here, and receive a detailed report.

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