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The importance of local networking

Local networking is more than just handing out business cards; it's supporting other businesses, making relationships, and strengthening our communities.

Sophie Porter 06. Oct 2017 2 minutes

We love networking; supporting local businesses, and getting to know business owners in our area, as well as supporting our own staff in their creative journeys, and on 10th October, we’re delighted to support our Digital & Graphic Designer - Nick Gowman - as he exhibits his illustrations at The Big Networking Event, Andover.

The event, aimed at connecting local businesses, gives business representatives in Andover & the surrounding villages the space they need, not only to form new working relationships, but also to showcase their offerings, and get in front of new, potential customers.

Our multi-talented Designer, Nick, who often uses his skills in illustrating & cartooning to create unique and original graphics for our clients, will be creating a variety of new works in situ for attendees to view, discuss, and experience.

As a local business, it’s really important to us to see our community grow and succeed, and we understand that a lot of this growth stems from the success of local businesses; professionals working together to achieve great things.

Alongside this is the importance of getting to know businesses personally; working with the people behind the brands to understand and convey the passions they possess, and the personalities that bring their operations together.

Yes, networking is a really important part of what we do, and something we fully support any business - large, small, or sole trader - to do! And, whilst we’re at it, we’d like to wish our Nick all the best at the event.

If you’d like to make stronger connections with your local community, contact us today.

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