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The importance of photography in marketing

Never underestimate the importance of photography in marketing

Sophie Porter 16. Aug 2016 3 minutes
photography and social media

Once a special occasion reserved for the richest members of society and their lavish lifestyles, photography is now an integral part of everyday life, and the importance of photography in marketing should therefore never be underestimated.

As technology advances and the world is accessible through our fingertips, seemingly every piece of technology we own has some sort of camera installed in it; our laptops, mobile phones & tablets, and even our MP3 players.

Social Media has evolved to value the memorialising nature of the photograph, and social platform Instagram has made photography its sole purpose; paving the way for the revolutionary ‘selfie’ to take the digital world by storm (there’s no shame in having a selfie-stick, you know!).

There’s no doubt that photography is massive, and when thinking about your business, the importance of photography in marketing is… well, photography is absolutely integral!

The importance of photography in marketing and getting it right

Imagine this; your website design looks great, your content is Search Engine Optimised, and it’s all full responsive to mobile devises. Brilliant! You’ve got the basics. But you’re missing something; the photography. And this is where the importance of photography in marketing comes into play.

Visitors to your website get there because they want to know more about your product, your services, and your business; they want to know whether what you’re offering is going to complement their lifestyle or give them what they need in the moment.

Copy – the writing – only takes this so far. To really capture the imagination of your visitors, to get them imagining themselves using your product or services, and make that all important enquiry, you need images to do this. Aspirational photography showing your product being used by real people or demonstrating use in real situations – if you can do this, and do it well, you’ve sold!

Tips on how to get it right: the importance of photography in marketing

Photography in marketing is hard to get right, but our useful tips can help:

  1. Find a photographer with the right specialist skills: because there’s no point employing a photographer who’s experienced in photographing packaging solutions when you’re people-orientated!

  2. Demonstrate how your product or service exists in the world/space: so your visitors can imagine themselves using it!

  3. Get the lighting right: because bad lighting can make an innovative, beautiful product look poor

So, there you have it, on this World Photography Day, get your photography, get your marketing right; call or email us today to start your journey to effective digital marketing solutions – and beautiful, meaningful photography, of course!

Talk to us today to discuss your photography needs.

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