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Never underestimate the power of Snapchat and how you can use it to grow your business; improving brand awaress and increasing traffic to your website.

Arguably once the overlooked ‘younger brother’ of social media tools, Snapchat is now one of the most popular apps around. And this is why you should never underestimate the power of Snapchat, and how businesses can use Snapchat to grow, interact with customers, and portray the right message to the right people!

Smartphones, social media, and the power of Snapchat

As smartphones become increasingly less like phones, and more like supercharged, affordable, and stylish personal computers (who ever really makes a phone call on their iPhone these days!?), social media apps are booming; making way for a social and cultural shift in the way we access information and communicate with others.

It was only a few years ago that the term ‘selfie’ was coined to describe people taking photos of themselves specifically for social media; once an ‘elite’ activity reserved for a small selection of Facebook users, apps such as Snapchat have given new weighting to this most thunderous of social movements.

How many people use it and how can you unleash the power of Snapchat?

The power of Snapchat can really be seen in the figures – a whopping 100 million people use Snapchat every day, where 400 million Snaps are sent daily; that’s on average 4 Snaps sent a day from each person using the social network (Of course, we all know at least one Snapchat addict who uses it at least 40!).

Snapchat is big a big deal, and only getting bigger – and with 72% of Snapchat’s daily users in the 18 – 34 age bracket, the app is becoming a ‘must-have’ tool for any digital-savvy business worth its salt in social media followers.

So, how can businesses really use Snapchat to grow?

How business can use Snapchat in a smart way

Snapchat is constantly evolving and, where at one time, the app’s capacity lived and breathed with short-lived pictures; users can now text, make videos, play with filters, and create Snapchat Stories for all their followers to view – a collection of pictures and videos strung together to create a narrative.

This has opened up a world of opportunity for businesses to advertise their products & services in new and interesting ways, all in the name of profile building (something we love social media for!).

When using Snapchat to build your profile and reach out to your audience – those potential customers – we think you should be looking at creating content around the following concepts, or ‘smart ways’:

  • Exclusive content: every single one of us gets all warm and fuzzy inside when we’re made to feel special. By creating videos especially for your Snapchat followers, you can embed customer loyalty, whilst appearing fun and, dare we say it, pretty trendy.
  • Streaming live events: Snapchat provides the perfect platform for creating real-time content – livestreaming – and is a great way to promote events, give followers access to the very latest news, and generally create a bit of a buzz around something you’re up to in that precise moment.
  • Partnering: linking up with other businesses and/or really cool people with big online followings – like Charlieissocoollike, Zoella or Buzzfeed, for example – to appeal across audiences and pick up followers who may never have come across your business, otherwise.

Why we love Snapchat for businesses

We love Snapchat for businesses, and the reasons are simple; it’s fun, it’s casual, and it can reach a phenomenal amount of people.

On this, will leave you with some final thoughts…

76% of Snapchat users purchase items online, and Snapchat daily video views equal 10 billion. Amazing!

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