In the age of content marketing and parasocial interaction, these are our top 5 reasons to keep a blog…

Once considered an elusive platform for elite writers, celebrities, and those in the digital inner-circle, blogging is now the go-to outlet for any successful business – and these are our top 5 reasons to keep a blog.

1. Content Marketing: the wondrous phenomenon that is social media, and the astonishing rate at which its daily use seems ever-increasing, has paved the way for a myriad of social movements, including the ‘rebirth’ of content marketing.

Content marketing – letting the strength of your content drive traffic, enquiries, and consequent sales through your website – is the perfect technique for building trust and loyalty from your customers, and attracting new ones, without the sometimes off-putting pressures of the direct sale.

Needless to say, a blog is the way to do this; an informal, personal approach to writing, blogging allows you to offer something to your customers – whether your opinion and advice or handy hints & tips – raising your profile as an expert in your field.

2. Search Engine Optimisation: Search engines love fresh, new content! Keeping a regular blog means your website remains continuously active in the eyes of digital giants such as Google, who control when and where your website is found by organic searches.

By updating a blog, and sharing it on social media, you are proving to search engines that your website is alive and very much kicking; keeping you ahead of the game and moving you up the rankings – we all strive to be number 1, and a blog can help you to achieve this!

3. Branding – establishing your business’ voice: due to its casual and relaxed form, a blog can be a great way to establish your business’ voice; allowing you to share your professional opinions, and comment on breaking news or trending issues within your industry, away from the pressures of traditional media.

Blogs allow you control over your content and, if done right, a platform to comment on affairs or events in real time – giving you the space to experiment with different types of content, not just rigid news articles created for one specific purpose.

4. Building relationships: Keeping a blog – even if you’re a multinational, billion pound organisation – is a very intimate thing to do; it’s sharing personal stories or opinions, it’s putting faces to names, and it’s giving your audience tangible contact with the inner-workings of your business, and how you perceive the world…

The beauty of blogging is that, because it’s personal, it allows your audience to comment on whatever it is you’re talking about – it gives your audience a platform to share with you what they think about what you’re sharing.

Don’t be afraid to ask a question with your blog or when you share it on social media. In fact, we say, go out of your way to do it; encouraging discussions from your audience will make them feel valued and listened to – things we all love to be! – and will ensure they keep coming back for more.

5. Making connections: unlike a news section, blogs aren’t rigid – they’re informal, creative spaces where anything [within reason] goes; from short videos and picture galleries, to opinion pieces or ‘listicles’ (articles in list form, just like this one, how very Meta!).

A blog, because of this, gives you scope to invite Guest Bloggers – well-known people either in the public domain or in your chosen industry – to come and write something for you; attributing their opinions, their audience, and their name to your business – it’s the perfect way to build your audience, whilst building lasting relationships with experts you should be talking to.

Our final thoughts on the top 5 reasons to keep a blog

As you may be able to tell, we think blogs are wonderful things; not only are they fun, informal, and creative, but they add heaps of value to your content, your messaging, and your profile.

If you want to be seen as an expert or a thought leader in your field, you want to drive more traffic to your website, and you want to rank highly on search engines for your service or product, you need to have a blog.

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