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Top 5 reasons to use video

Content is most certainly 'King', but not just any content...

Sophie Porter 14. Oct 2016 4 minutes
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We talk of social media a lot; the reasons to use it, the benefits behind it, and the opportunities it can unlock. Social media has changed the way we go about our daily lives and, as a result, has changed the way information is relayed and consumed.

But, of course, we couldn’t discuss social media without touching on the rise of mobile technology – undeniably the two go hand-in-hand – and the need for ‘bite-sized’, short form content to accommodate.

With this, in recent years, the importance of video has been completely redefined, and here, we discuss our top 5 reasons to use video…

  1. Demonstrating your product or service: it’s all very well talking about how amazing your product or service is, but the great thing about video is that you can show how amazing your product or service is. Video gives customers and potential customers a more tangible experience of your business; if they can imagine themselves using your product [or service], they’re far more likely to make a purchase or enquire.

  2. Ranking higher on Google: Google determines the quality and value of your site by analysing how long visitors stay on your site. A great way of getting visitors to stay on your site is… you’ve guessed it! Giving them a compelling short video to watch. Alongside this, businesses that include a video on their website experience higher engagement rates, higher click-throughs, and higher conversions than those that don’t. In fact, 12% of people viewing a video will make a purchase from that advert.

  3. Profile building and awareness: creating a compelling short video that can be shared on social media, with online press publications, and potential customers could create more of an impact than a simple photo or written blog. The beauty of video being that you can make a hard-hitting statement in 30 seconds of film that may otherwise take 500 words to explain in long form. Video is easier to digest, easier to share, and easier to engage with – particularly for mobile users (which make up 80% of internet users!).

  4. Showcasing personality: video can be fun, casual, and give customers the pseudo face-to-face interaction they need to make a decision; people buy from, and in the age of online communication – where customers no longer have to leave the house to make a purchase – video is a great way of giving them something personal. Plus, it’s gives any business the ideal platform to be different – to make unique styling decisions such as camera angles, language used, editing… see video as a platform through which to perfect your business’ tone of voice, its USP, and its overall ‘personality’.

  5. Social proof: this is a fancy term to describe personal recommendations, and the perfect way to establish credibility; consequently building a good reputation. If you can capture 30 to 60 seconds of a happy customer describing why they love your product and how valuable it has been to them, you’re onto a winner. This is particularly prevalent if you’re a start-up or relatively new business.

What do we think about our top 5 reasons to use video?

Unsurprisingly, for the 5 reasons listed above, and 500 more!, we’re really behind businesses using video - on your website, on your social media platforms, with your advertising, and to accompany your press releases. Video can be an incredibly effective and interesting way to gain momentum, publicity, credibility, and all-important sales…

Talk to us about your video and advertising needs.

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