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Top 5 reasons your website should be responsive

As smart phones continue to revolutionise the way we connect with the rest of the world, here are our top 5 reasons your website should be responsive...

Sophie Porter 06. Oct 2016 4 minutes
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You’re probably using your mobile phone or tablet right now to read this very blog – in your lunch break or at the end of a long day in the office; and you’re probably now wondering, how do we know this? Because 80% of Google searches are performed on mobile devices.

But what does this really mean?

Let’s put it into context:

When we consider that 3.5 billion searches are conducted through Google every single day – about 40,000 every second – this starts coming together, giving us a total of a massive 2.8 billion searches made through mobiles.

Now, it was only a few years ago that Google changed its rules around mobile technology and search results; deeming any website that wasn’t responsive – or mobile friendly – destined not to appear on searches made with mobiles.

So, in light of this, here are our top 5 reasons your website should be responsive:

  1. Getting you found: If your website isn’t responsive, it will be hidden from any searches made on a mobile device – a mobile phone or tablet of any description – which means you will lose 80% of your organic traffic. Having a responsive website means you’ll easily be found on searches made through mobiles and desktops. Happy [visible] days!

  2. Future-proofing: responsive websites are forward thinking, and easily adaptable; using a universal code that will stand the test of time, and continue to work as new technologies are developed. Basically, if you want your business to continue succeeding, you need a responsive website.

  3. One website to rule them all: way back, when mobile phones were first able to display websites, developers had to create 2 versions of the same site – 1 for desktops, and 1 for mobiles – which, these days, sounds pretty crazy, right!? Well, having a responsive website means you only need 1 site that works perfectly on everything…

  4. Lesser bounce rate: if visitors arrive at your site and have to battle through badly designed, old, and clunky graphics; scrolling down for what feels like an age just to get to a contact form, whilst manually adjusting their view to read your content… Well, let’s be honest, they won’t bother! They’ll immediately ‘bounce’ off, and go to the next website. This is the reality of non-responsive website design, and this is why your website needs to be responsive – if it looks good and works well on a mobile device, visitors will stick with it!

  5. Guaranteed return on investment: all of these things work together to create one wonderful, crucial thing – ROI! If visitors can find your website; on all sorts of different devices over time; the man-power involved in creating and maintaining your website is reduced as only one website is needed; and visitors stay on your website through to enquiry, you’ll notice everything increase – including all-important sales.

Top 5 reasons your website should be responsive: in summary

Responsive websites aren’t just the future of website design – they are website design; the need for responsive website design is huge and only ever increasing, as the rate of people using their mobiles to access the internet sky-rockets with every day that passes.

Google recognises its importance… businesses should, too!

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