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Pay Per Click and paid advertising isn’t just good for attracting new customers, it’s perfect for attracting existing customers too, and here’s why…

Pay Per Click, and paid advertising, is a relatively new concept taking the digital world by storm over the last few years; it’s a way of driving visitors to your site, and increasing sales, for a really low cost. Great, right!?

Of course it’s great! But, typically, when it comes to Pay Per Click advertising, the focus sits on its usefulness in capturing new customers – getting your business in front of potential customers you may never have had the opportunity to touch otherwise.

Now, don’t get us wrong, Pay Per Click advertising is really effective at doing that, and we absolutely encourage it – especially when running a wider campaign or launching something you’ve never done before – but Pay Per Click is also good for something commonly overlooked in marketing… recapturing existing customers.

Why should you recapture existing customers?

Naturally, there is an argument to say that attracting new customers is the most important thing for any business to do when looking at increasing sales and, yes, whilst we do agree that reaching out to new audiences and gaining new customers is very important, we strongly believe that reaching out to existing customers can be just as important, and sometimes more effective. And here’s why:

Existing customers

  • Are warm to you: they know your products, they like them, and they’re therefore easier to sell to – you don’t need to spend time convincing them that your products are the best, they have some, they know how good they are!
  • Raise brand awareness: if a customer has bought something from you and it’s really good; it works perfectly, and does exactly what you said it would, they’re probably going to tell all their friends to get one – never underestimate the power of social proof.
  • Trust you: trust in your business is incredibly valuable. If a customer has had a great experience with your product or service, they can be persuaded to stick with you, above your competitors. A trusting and loyal customer can be worth far more to your overall sales and profile over time, than a new customer buying something once and never again returning.

How to use Pay Per Click to recapture existing customers

So, now we’ve established why existing customers are incredibly valuable to your business, how can we use Pay Per Click and paid advertising to get them to return?

The best answer to that question is: remarketing.

We love remarketing, and we think it’s great. But we’re not here (this time) to teach you all about what it is and how it works; if you want to know the basics, you can find out more about remarketing here.

However, we can give you some great ideas about how to use it to recapture those trusting & loyal, profile raising, warm existing customers of yours floating out there in the wide open space that is the internet…

  1. Upselling: if your existing customers have bought something specific, they may want to purchase something related to it to support their experience; say, for example, someone bought a pair of hiking boots from you. That means they’re probably going hiking, camping or somewhere remote over the weekend, why not follow them with an advert for a waterproof jacket or camping equipment?
  2. Sales and voucher codes: reward existing customers with some money off. Customers love feeling valued, and everyone responds well to a sale, even if it’s 10% off! Try following customers with a sales advert for something they browsed but didn’t follow up when they bought from you.
  3. Use the relationship: you know these guys, and they know you; they know your products, and you know they like them. Be personal, be casual, and be confident. Show them what they like, and give them what you know they’re going to want.

Harness the power of existing customers

Pay Per Click advertising and existing customers go hand-in-hand. Just because they’ve bought from you once, doesn’t mean they’re never going to return.

In fact, if a customer has bought from you once, they’re absolutely likely to buy from you again.

Talk to us today about your Pay Per Click advertising ideas, and how to recapturing your existing customers.

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