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To help you attract as many visitors to your website in 2020 as possible and ensure you stand out above your competitors, our Lead Designer Andrea has put together a collection of the hottest web design trends to watch out for in 2020.

Artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality or voice-controlled interfaces. Technical advances of the past several decades have led to a new era of user experience and, in 2020, we will likely see a further proliferation of these technologies in our lives. But how will these advances effect the way our customers access, view and therefore use our websites? And how will this influence the design of those websites? 

Websites will continue to use bold typography and oversized elements

Using oversized typography in web design isn’t a new thing. Distinctive type and images have much more visual weight and succeed in capturing the attention of the user while communicating its message. Many contemporary websites already include bold headers and oversized icons. Think of Apple, a true master of prominent visuals, full-screen images and video.

Consequently, over the last five decades, websites have come to be responsive by default.

With simple yet beautifully crafted typography and imagery, mobile-friendly websites will look even more impactful and improve user experience with more legible typography.


Split screen

If you would like your website to rock in 2020, split-screen is the trend to watch out for.

It has been gaining in popularity because it can effectively highlight two areas of the content right away or lead the user to an instant call to action.

So go ahead and bring some spice to your website with split-screen design in 2020, but be sure to focus on placing the features that are critical to your business to the centre of your website or a landing page. 

If you are not sure about where to start, speak to our expert team and we will get you up and running in no time.


Trendy colour schemes and textures

Colour is a perfect way to make the website stand out in a truly striking way. And every year, the biggest names in the design industry announce their colour for the year.

Companies such as Pantone or Shutterstock have released their colour for the year 2020, varying from dusty pink and terracotta to grass green or navy blue.

While the colour trends in design come and go, they need to exist in harmony with your brand message as they carry their own psychological meanings. If there is a clash between colour and message, the design might feel disjointed and visitors will receive a wrong impression about your business.

Bespoke illustration

Illustration in web design has been a hot topic for some time now. From simple geometric elements to quirky hand-drawn artworks, illustration is a forever evolving medium and it is expected that it will continue to play a growing role in 2020; exceeding creative limits of photography.

Between many trends, we are likely to see, will be papercut mimicking collages, contrasting textures, 3D artworks or utterly monochrome designs; the whole array of options to add more playfulness and personality to your brand.

If you wish to tap into this trend in 2020, get in touch with us – our skilled designers have just the right tools and experience in adding some creative flair to your website.


Open grid and guides

A grid provides a logical structure to your website layout and a feeling of familiarity. In its original function, grids and guides were used to split the screen into multiple segments and blocks, making it easy to build.

Regardless of which kind of grid system you use, your grid can also assist you with building a truly compelling design in 2020.

An exposed grid can add a dazzling twist in the visual experience and unity in the content.


Dark mode

With the arrival of Apple’s iOS 13, quickly followed by Android, there has been an influx of apps offering dark mode settings.

While considering a fashion fad by some, there are some indisputable benefits to immersing your phone or browser into darkness; from prolonged battery life, improving sleep quality by reducing blue LED light or enhanced readability.

What’s more, the dark mode simply looks incredibly slick, creating the impression of a truly high-end brand, so whether you’re just an enthusiast for “all things dark” or seeking new inspiration for your website re-brand in 2020, check out Webkick, we are always ready for some seriously dark matters!

Sophisticated animation and video storytelling

Your website needs to have the ability to effectively display all the information your clients need to know about your brand and there is no better tool than video and animation.

From short animated explainers to full-featured product videos, many successful brands are implementing creative storytelling on their websites and with increasingly better technologies, trends are advancing at a rather quick pace.

In 2020 we will see a rise of 3D animation, faster loading videos and fluid micro-animations, which inject more fun into otherwise dry data visualisations.

But as with every new design trend, be mindful of the mobile-first approach –  with certain types of animations, it might be difficult to achieve the same experience on a mobile device.

If you are looking for a way to invigorate your website with video or animation in 2020, we are just a phone call away.


Button-less interface

Buttons on the web are as old as the web itself. Originating in the world of physical objects, the skeuomorphic design was gradually transformed into a flat design that served us well for the last decade.

Apps are the prime reason why button-less interfaces have gained popularity, solving one of the biggest problems of mobile interfaces – cluttering.

With the majority of internet browsing happening on smartphones, we have quickly adapted swipe and pinch gestures, e-commerce platforms enabled drag and drop features and fingerprint verification has become our second nature.

Button-less UI designs are likely to bring user interface to a completely new level so brace yourself for the ‘button-less utopia’ of 2020.

Voice Control and chatbots

“Hey Siri, what’s the weather like in London today?”, “OK Google, remind me to pick up milk!”

Over the last decade, customers worldwide have seen the biggest brands like Apple, Google or Amazon embracing the voice control technology to boost the user experience.

Compelling as it is, there continues to be lots of different issues to address before we will be able to completely indulge in the lazy luxury of voice control we’re dreaming about.

Just think of the many times your phone or gadget got randomly triggered, thinking you talked to it.

While voice control will continue to improve, chatbots can be a fantastic way of boosting your conversions. Up to 68% of consumers consider messaging the most convenient way to stay connected with businesses. More and more brands are now using chatbots on their websites or within apps to deliver a superior user experience and keep at pace with customer demands.

All of this will redefine the face of 2020 web and  improvements in machine learning, artificial intelligence and voice recognition will enable a flawless communication with a whole array of things from TVs to fridges without the need of ever pressing a button or typing a command.

It will therefore become increasingly important to optimise your website for Natural Language processing (a voice search) to appeal to every audience. If you are not sure what does it mean for you and where to start, just get in touch – our design expertise will leave you speechless.

Augmented reality

Long gone are the times when augmented reality seemed like a futuristic concept that will never fully take off.

IKEA, BMW, Amazon… the biggest brands have fully adopted AR as a part of their marketing and advertising strategies.

Augmented reality is capable of providing instant real-time feedback and offers an interactive way of serving the content to the user through a delightful sensual journey; making shopping and marketing more engaging.

When customers are shopping online, they like to get as much information about the real product as possible and this is where AR will truly shine in 2020.

For instance, a popular British online retailer ASOS has integrated AR with their Virtual Catwalk app, helping customers to visualise the most popular ASOS products.

Similarly, a few years ago IKEA allowed users to place life-size furniture models in their home environment.

Whether used for more interactive shopping experience or a better navigation, AR cannot be neglected anymore and by implementing it on your website or app in 2020, your business can get ahead of the competition.


The web is a continuously evolving medium and regardless of the nature of your business, it can be daunting to keep up with all current trends and developments.

A perfect website is one which not only appears attractive and engaging but also speaks to the user with the utmost clarity.

Luckily, Webkick is here to assist you in meeting the latest web design demands.

Not only we will set you up with a fantastically looking website that will spur a substantial growth to your business; our friendly team will assist you in selecting the right design strategy that will make your website appear minty fresh, while delivering the core message of your brand. So get in touch to start your business growth process today.

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