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What is a launchpad website?

Whilst building a launchpad website may be a relatively new practice in the realm of website design & development, launchpad websites can hold the key to dramatically increasing many a business’ monthly sales; both quickly and efficiently. So, what is a launchpad website and how can it help you increase sales?

10. Mar 2020 4 minutes


What is a launchpad website?


Unlike a traditional website that takes into account all necessary or desired pages at once; producing a fully developed, complete, and often large scale website over a 6 - 12 month period, with nothing to rely on in the interim; often designed to be aesthetically pleasing and/or brand compliant as a priority, and only going live once all pages have been signed off, launchpad websites take an entirely different approach to website design & development, putting data - as opposed to opinions and personal tastes - first. 


By relying purely on data to make informed decisions, launchpad websites start with a much smaller version of your site - redesigning and optimising the top performing or most valuable pages on your site specifically to become highly converting pages, and making them live as soon as possible. 


As a result, not only do launchpad websites enjoy a much shorter lead time than most traditional websites, typically around 2 - 3 months, but launchpad websites also enjoy a much higher than average conversion rate; turning your website into the lead generation tool you’ve always needed. 


Growth Driven Design: ongoing development and optimisation


What’s more, starting with a much smaller foundation - or launchpad - allows for time to be dedicated to ongoing development and optimisation, otherwise known as Growth Driven Design; meaning that things like design, content, and additional pages can all be added and amended wherever necessary, responding to all data gathered. 


This process of ongoing development and optimisation, in response to regular data analysis, enables small but powerful changes to be made across the site to further increase conversions - using real time users and the way they engage with the site - as the basis for change. 


For example, you may find when analysing your data that a specific page - let’s say in this instance your contact page - has an incredibly low conversion rate; people just don’t seem to be even reaching the form, let alone submitting it! 

Applying Growth Driven Design principles, you could try placing the contact form in the header or redesigning the page so the only action a user can take is to submit an enquiry.


What is a launchpad website: in conclusion


Although launchpad websites may seem like a new ‘fad’ or passing trend, and may even sound like a highly simplified version of your existing website, launchpad websites are data driven, ever evolving conversion tools that help your users make an informed decision and help you make more sales. 


They’re sophisticated, powerful and innovative, and they come with ongoing development and optimisation options to keep you at the top of your game; less a passing trend and more the websites of the future. 


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