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Blogging dominates the digital world and is undertaken by all sorts of businesses and individuals online but, in reality, what is blogging used for?

In the digital age, we all love reading a good blog; they’re informative, enlightening, and can be a lot of fun. Often very casual in nature, unless you know the ins and outs of content marketing and digital marketing, it can be difficult to determine exactly why they exist and what they do. So, let’s explore the question: what is blogging used for?

What is blogging used for and the concept of Content Marketing

It’s almost impossible to explore this question without first delving into the truly beautiful and fascinating depths of Content Marketing, as the two are so intrinsically linked; arguably, you can’t have one – or a variation of one – without the other.

Content Marketing hinges on the concept of letting your content, rather than your product, do the talking; drawing new and existing customers into your website by talking around the product or service you’re inevitably selling them; its soft tone and customer-focussed, benefit-led approach allows customers to feel inspired to engage with your brand, without feeling pressured to purchase from you.

And this is exactly what a blog can do – a powerful avenue through which to let your content inspire new customers and engaging existing ones – offering them valuable information without directly selling to them.

Blogging and Search Engine Optimisation

Another element to consider when thinking about what is blogging used for is the undeniable fact that Google loves fresh, new content – keeping a regular blog being a great way to provide this.

Updating your blog once a week, every two weeks or even just once a month if you’re really up against it is a way of showing search engines that:

  • Your site is still active, and…
  • Your site is still valuable

Alongside this, is the ability to include SEO work in your blog, and ensure it’s picked up for key search terms and specific keywords relevant to your industry, to grab that all-important organic traffic, and attract new customers to your website who will be actively searching for the product or service you provide.

Using a blog to foster existing relationships

Number three in the exploration of what is blogging used for encompasses social media and email marketing; fostering existing relationships and capturing returning custom.

Keeping a regular blog provides you with interesting and relevant new content for Social Media and email marketing campaigns which encourages engagement from your current followers, and helps to drive them back to your website to hopefully purchase once again.

Sitting underneath this is the adjoining theory that really engaged and passionate existing customers will share your blog with their own Social Media audiences who may have never heard of you before, therefore also attracting new customers to your site.

Great! What’s not to love?

What is blogging used for and thought leadership

A really carefully considered blog will comment on current events, affairs, and theories, offering not only valuable information, but also thought leadership; suggestions and ideas that other industry leaders and audiences may never have considered before.

Giving your opinion on something that’s happening right now, via a blog, can be a really powerful way of presenting you as an expert in your field, and as a thought leader, without feeling too ‘political’ or intimidating.

Blogs and influencer outreach

Influencer outreach is a great way of raising the profile of your brand whilst driving traffic to your website; using the strength of another business’, publication’s, or individual’s brand and online following to increase your own.

In short, never be afraid to ask that well known name to write something for your blog or ask to write for someone else’s.

What is blogging used for?

In summary, blogging is used for:

  • Driving traffic to your website
  • Increasing the profile of your brand
  • Presenting you as a thought leader and industry expert
  • Engaging new customers and fostering existing relationships

And what does all this activity end in? An increase in sales and enquiries.

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