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Of increasing importance in the mobile age; if you’re not using digital marketing to enhance your brand and increase sales, your business could be suffering. But what is digital marketing?

Particularly when you run a small business, things like marketing can fall by the wayside; overtaken on the priority list by the day-to-day tasks you need to perform in order to keep your business running smoothly.

However, in reality, it’s marketing that arguably drives your business – pulling in the enquiries, sales, and general engagement you need from your customers to succeed.

The ever increasing efficiency of marketing

Even as recently as 10 years ago, marketing lived in a predominantly ‘offline’ realm of expensive, printed adverts in glossy magazines and local newspapers.

Whilst this may have seemed fine at the time – and the most effective way of raising a business’ profile – there was never any real and consistent way of tracking success; businesses would spend copious amounts of money on advert space & design, and have no tangible KPI (unless something like a voucher or discount code was applied).

Luckily, though, as technologies have changed and evolved, so too have our methods of marketing.

Particularly with the advent of social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, and the ever increasing mass-popularity of search engine giants Google, together with the invention of the smartphone, the way in which consumers interact with the world around them, and therefore the way in which they consume information, has evolved; supplying businesses the world over with a plethora of new platforms through which to promote their goods and services.

Giving birth to digital marketing…

What is digital marketing?

Put simply, digital marketing – sometimes known as online marketing – is the marketing of goods and services online.

This incorporates:

A comparatively inexpensive way to get your business in front of the right people, digital marketing has rapidly overtaken traditional forms of marketing over the last few years, and for good reason.

Why invest in digital marketing?

Due to the fact digital marketing is conducted entirely online, it’s measurable and traceable; allowing you to track what your customers are engaging with and where they’re coming from.

Digital marketing can supply you with a massive amount of data about your customers, including:

  • Where in the world your customers are visiting from
  • How long they are spending on each page of your website
  • What page of your website they’re landing on and which pages they’re engaging with

This enables you to tailor your content and your offerings accordingly, analysing what your customers are engaging with, and what they want so you can give it to them.

Digital marketing – specifically PPC & Social Media advertising – also allows you to target customers based on their search terms, interests, age, location, and even what activity they’ve undertaken on your website previously.

But what does all this achieve?

An increase in sales & enquiries.

Our final thoughts

All in all, digital marketing is an incredibly effective, and cost effective, way of getting your business out there – in front of people who are most likely to engage with you – in order to generate leads and increase sales. Something we highly recommend any business of any size investing in.

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