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What is SEO?

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Sophie Porter 30. Sep 2016 3 minutes
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Commonly seen as a complicated ‘dark art’ in website design and digital marketing, we often get asked the question: what is SEO? And our response is always; simple and effective!

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is a way of creating and curating content to ensure your website gets found high up on search engine search results for words and phrases relevant to your field.

An example of what is SEO

When considering what is SEO, the best example to demonstrate this wonderful way of gaining traffic to your website is thus: imagine you run a successful online women’s clothing shop, for argument’s sake (which, if you’re reading this, you may indeed!) – and you want to gain more organic traffic to your website…

Start by researching common search terms for online women’s clothing shops; ‘buy women’s clothing online’ could be one or ‘ladies clothes online’ could be another. Create a list of these terms, and carefully weave them into your website content - through the way you name your images and videos, to the language you use in your copy. This is the start of SEO!

What is SEO: building internal and external links

That’s not all, of course. When learning about what is SEO, the next stage is to build in internal and external links to and across your website. “How do you do that?” we hear you ask, as you start getting excited about the prospects and opportunities SEO can unlock!

Hyperlinks are a great way to do this internally – recognising key words and phrases on pages of your website that could logically link to others on the site; like, thinking still along the lines of the women’s online clothing shop, if you have a sentence in your About page, for instance, that ends with: ‘women’s size 14 t-shirts in navy blue’, you’d want to link to an item for sale on another page of your website that’s a women’s navy blue t-shirt, available in size 14.

External linking in what is SEO can be a bit trickier, but that’s where experts like us here at Webkick can come in and help! External linking hinges on your content being so valuable and interesting, so relevant and helpful in your field, that others want to use it on their sites; it’s all about making your content sharable.

You can do this in a variety of different ways; social buttons, tips & advice articles, Q&As… the possibilities for sharable content are endless.

If you still feel confused about SEO and the terminology involved, why not download our free SEO A-Z ebook

So, there you have it! We hope, with this interesting and useful article, we’ve managed to answer your questions on what is SEO.

To start using SEO effectively, give us a call or email us today. And don’t forget to share this article…

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