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Call to actions are one of the most important elements in improving your conversion rates, but what makes an effective call to action?

If there’s one expression you’ll hear thrown around more than any other by marketers the world over, it’s “call to action”.

Considered one of the most important elements of any marketing activity, a call to action is a piece of micro-content used to stimulate the reader to perform a specific act, i.e. ‘buy it now’ or ‘learn more’. 

However, not only does an effective call to action spur just that – action! – but it can also serve to:

  • Focus your overall website
  • Provide clear direction to visitors
  • Help you measure conversions

Get your call to actions right, and you’ll inevitably see an increase in your conversion rates

So, with this in mind, what makes an effective call to action?

Pair them with a great landing page 

For a call to action to be effective, you must pair your call to actions with a great landing page; content that speaks of the benefit to the user – identifying a problem, whilst offering your product or service as a solution. 

Use them sparingly 

Treat your call to actions like gold dust – you don’t need several on every page for them to be effective. You just need a couple of very strong call to actions, carefully placed, to start seeing serious, positive change. Users don’t want to be faced with multiple choices; they want clarity, simplicity, and decisiveness. 

Position carefully 

Think about where the call to action should sit in relation to the imagery and the content; there’s no use putting a call to action button on a sidebar, over someone’s face or below the fold of a page, at the very bottom, where no-one will see it! Make it bold, make it big, make it relevant, and make it your focal point. 

Give it a fabulous colour 

One of the best ways to ensure your call to actions grab your user’s attention is to give it a really bright colour, which stands out from the general theme of your site; something which shout ‘click me!’ over and above the background noise. 

Consider the user journey 

Try personalising landing pages with specific call to actions based on actions the user has already taken (or not taken) on your site, and pair this with a really quick, easy, and coherent path sitting behind it. E.g. if you’re appealing to customers who have abandoned their cart, recapture them with a ‘continue your purchase’ or ‘forgetting something?’ call to action, and take them straight back to the items they left in their cart. Offer Apple Pay or PayPal as uber-fast ways for customers to pay. 

And there you have it, the basics of a great call to action that will increase your conversion rates and improve your sales. What’s not to love? 

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