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Why content marketing is important

A quick breakdown of why content marketing is important and why you should be using it to promote your business...

Sophie Porter 17. Aug 2016 4 minutes

So many people ask us why content marketing is important; but there are so many reasons that, in reality, an easier question to answer would simply be ‘why ISN’T content marketing important?’ (!)

Engaging, shareable, and relevant content forms the foundation of any successful business’ marketing strategy; it is content that drives Search Engine Optimisation – Google’s first love – and it’s content that raises your business’ profile, gets customers talking, and keeps your business at the forefront of audience’s minds.

The rise of social media and the reasons why content marketing is important

With the advent of Facebook, smart phones, and apps, social media has dominated the digital world for the last 12 years – becoming the number one place for businesses to thrive and grow, with some even becoming wholly dependent on it to make sales.

With the rise of social media also comes the need for businesses to invest in content, this being the primary reason why content marketing is important; without fresh content, relevant to your business and its overarching field, you’ll have nothing to share on social media and no reason to reach out to your customers or their social circles.

Why content marketing is important to capturing customers’ trust and loyalty

Social media of course brings with it, not only a pool of opportunities, but an ocean of challenges as – in a sea of content lapping at your customers’ and potential customers’ feet from your competitors – you need to remain on top, continuing to communicate with these audiences in a way they enjoy and understand; a stream of sales messages with the odd cat video thrown in for jokes just isn’t going to cut it.

Creating a group of loyal consumers; a community of love, and trust, and acceptance for your business – a group of people whose imaginations or emotions are sparked so reverently by your message that they effortlessly promote you to the 300 friends they have on their Facebook profile by sharing something you’ve written for your website… Well, that’s priceless. And that’s why content marketing is important; it builds trust, and keeps a conversation going between your business, and your customer.

Why content marketing is important to authority and expertise

Interesting, intelligent content is exactly what your website needs to demonstrate your expertise in your chosen field; it’s what will inevitably set you apart from your competitors in your customers’ minds – if you can show that you know what you’re talking about, and you’re an out-and-out expert in your industry, if you can give your customers free advice to take away and to share, you’ll be seen as the primary authority, the trusted expert, and your customers - plus potential customers - will love you for it. Another reason why content marketing is important!

Why content marketing is important and why you should use it!

We could talk for another 500 words about why content marketing is important; but we think you’ve got the message by now!

Content is good for SEO, breeds trust and loyalty, and keeps your business at the forefront of your customers’ minds; content marketing is any business’ utopian dream!

Here at Webkick, our digital experts love making those dreams come true - understanding the sheer importance of content and its power in the age of social media, creating powerful, engaging content forms the cornerstone of the work we deliver.

Call or email us today to unlock the power of great content marketing.


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