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Content Marketing is a really valuable tool in the world of digital marketing, and here we explore why content marketing works…

Here at Webkick, we talk often about content; truly believing that, when it comes to web design, branding, and digital marketing, content is most certainly king. But, if you’ve never ventured into the realms of content before, you may be wondering why content marketing works.

What does Content Marketing mean?

When we talk about Content Marketing we mean the creation and sharing of online material with the primary purpose of stimulating interest in a product or brand.

Content Marketing talks around a brand rather than outwardly promoting it.

Content Marketing is much softer and customer-focused than advertising; it offers the customer some really valuable information in exchange for their engagement with your brand.

What form can Content Marketing take?

It’s incredibly common for people to assume that Content Marketing refers simply to a written blog or article when, in reality, Content Marketing takes lots of different forms, not just the written word.

Content Marketing is:

  • Blogs & case studies
  • Videos & pictures
  • Social Media posts
  • Press releases & articles
  • Infographics & memes
  • Reviews
  • How-to guides
  • Lists
  • Interviews
  • Podcasts
  • Original research & data

Although the vast range of activity associated with Content Marketing may seem a little daunting, this means that the possibilities are almost endless. And, what does this mean?

Content Marketing is a particularly effective way of fostering existing customer relationships, engaging new customers, and enhancing the value of your brand; all contributing to one vital thing –

An increase in sales & enquiries!

Why Content Marketing works

Content Marketing works because it’s informative and non-intrusive; it puts the needs of the customer at the centre of its purpose and offers them something they want or need.

Done in the right way, Content Marketing recognises a need of your customers and responds to that in a positive way; promoting you as a thought-leader in your field, whilst pushing your brand out there without overtly selling them something.

Why is Content Marketing popular today?

Content Marketing has always been a great way for businesses to promote themselves but, in the digital age, Content Marketing is becoming increasingly popular. Why is this?

As advancements in technology, particularly over the last 10 years, have leant increasingly toward mobile technology, the needs of the individual have become more prominent; demanding a personal experience from pretty much everything we do on a daily basis.

In its softer, more informative approach, Content Marketing lends itself beautifully to this. It’s engaging, interesting, entertaining, and thought-provoking – it offers the customer something that will inevitably enhance their lives in some way.

Yes, we love Content Marketing, and hopefully now you can see why!

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