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A particularly trendy form of content, lots of businesses are turning to them over more traditional forms, but why create a webinar?

Webinars have slowly risen in popularity over the last couple of years, as businesses turn to other businesses for advice & guidance, and customers tune in to the brands they love for exclusive online content, but – as a business – why create a webinar, and what really is the benefit to a business in creating this kind of content?

What is a webinar?

Put simply, a ‘webinar’ is a seminar conducted over the internet. It offers viewers interesting and valuable information, from a real person and, as something conducted solely over the internet, a webinar can reach anyone, anywhere in the world. How exciting!

Why create a Webinar: 3 business benefits

Although on the surface, webinars only seem to benefit the viewer, they’re actually incredibly beneficial to the business creating them, and here are 3 reasons why…

Thought leadership: by its very nature, a webinar will present you as a thought leader, an expert in your field. By creating a webinar and releasing it into the metaphorical wilderness of the digital world, you’re offering up your unique experience and expertise to others who want to learn from you. Embrace it. This will, in turn, raise awareness for your brand.

Lead generation: whether you publish your webinar so viewers can access the content by invitation only or anyone can watch it at any time via your website, webinars will generate highly relevant leads for you; viewers who are interested in what you have to say and what you’re offering, and who are therefore really likely to purchase your products or services. Use your webinar as an excuse to keep talking to your viewers after they’ve watched it.

Soft-selling: Webinars give you a really great platform through which to ‘soft-sell’ your products or services to a relevant, captive audience. Don’t just use your webinar to give them valuable information, use it as a way of tactfully, carefully offering them reasons why they should purchase from you over anyone else in your field.

Webinars as exclusive content

Rather than making your webinar public, and running a generic publicity campaign – targeting local and trade press, creating a page on your website, and shouting about your upcoming webinar across all your social media channels for all to see, you may wish to take a slightly more private approach, inviting key audiences to sign up to watch your webinar.

Although there’s benefits in offering webinars as both public or exclusive content, offering webinars as exclusive content is a great way to generate new, high quality leads whilst fostering relationships with existing customers; making those you target feel ‘special’.

You can do this in the following ways:

  • Create a hidden webpage on your site that users will predominant find with a bespoke URL
  • Email your existing email lists with an ‘exclusive invite’ to ‘attend’ the webinar
  • Run Facebook ads inviting users who have visited a specific page of your website to sign up to attend your webinar
  • Try teaming up with other organisations/professionals in the industry to create a webinar in partnership; this will extend your reach across both audiences and, with a ‘sign up to attend’ function, give you a whole list of new potential customers to talk to

Maintaining relationships

Ok, so, imagine you’ve had 200 viewers sign up and tune in to your webinar. Great! That’s it, right!? Wrong! Far too many businesses make the mistake of assuming the completed webinar is the end of the process. When, realistically, it should only be the start.

As mentioned above, webinars are a great way of generating leads, but only if you use those leads after the event!

Once viewers have watched your webinar, keep communicating with them; ask them for feedback, invite them to ask questions, invite them to like your social media channels…

Essentially, treat your webinar as the ‘qualification’ stage of your sales funnel.

They’ve signed up, and shown they’re serious in your product or service by watching your webinar, now all you have to do is show them that investing in you is the greatest decision they could make by maintaining that relationship.

Final thoughts on why create a webinar

If you want to present yourself as an expert in your field, reach new potential customers, foster relationships with existing customers, and raise awareness for your brand, then webinars could be for you. Webinars make interesting, entertaining, and useful content – and everyone loves useful content!

What’s more, webinars are basically videos; search engines and social media channels are starting to favour video content over other forms. Bonus!

If you’d like to reap the benefits of creating a webinar, talk to us today.

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