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Why ignoring SEO will cost you sales

Arguably one of the most valuable areas of digital marketing to invest your time and money, this is why ignoring SEO will cost you sales...

Sophie Porter 21. Aug 2019 7 minutes

One of our favourite subjects, SEO is a critical process every business should be investing in online, but is still so often treated as something superfluous; a process no-one truly understands or needs to gain sales & enquiries. If your website looks good, and your content reads well, that’s enough right? Wrong.

How SEO will help my business

Often misunderstood and mistreated, the role of SEO is vital to increasing traffic to relevant traffic to your business's website.

A way of creating and curating content to ensure your website gets found high up on search engine search results for words and phrases relevant to your field, SEO is the driving force behind the visibility of your website.

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The cost of SEO

If SEO is the driving force behind the visibility of your website, here are 5 reasons why ignoring SEO will cost you sales:

You’ll lose business to your competition: if you’re not investing in SEO, your competitors will be, which means those individuals browsing the web, looking for companies like yours - your potential customers - will inevitably end up giving their time and money to everyone else but you.

Your traffic will be minimal: without SEO, traffic to your website will be minimal, if not non-existent; one of the most effective, long-term solutions to increasing traffic to your website is to invest in search engine optimisation; and the more traffic you can generate, the greater your sales will be.

Your conversion rate will be poor: SEO doesn’t just drive any old traffic to your website. It drives relevant traffic to your website; ensuring your website ranks for particular keywords and phrases associated with your industry. The more relevant your keywords, the more engaged your visitors will be, and the greater your conversions.

You’ll be invisible: you could have the best looking website in town, but if you haven’t done any SEO, it will be invisible. Search engines won’t really know what to do with it, and end up pushing you to the back of the ever-growing, almighty queue that is search results. Too far down this, and no-one will ever find you.

Your efforts will be wasted: whilst it may seem bleak and somewhat dramatic, if you’re not investing in SEO, most of the activity you embark upon will be wasted, simply because no-one will be able to find you!

SEO cost, or the cost of SEO, is therefore difficult to pin down to 1 figure, and is often an ongoing, monthly cost to your business; but probably the most valuable activity you could invest in.

SEO is important

Yes, SEO is super important, and if you’re ignoring it, you’re missing out; on sales, on brand awareness, on leads, and everything else in between.

When it comes to the wonderful world of online sales, SEO truly is the lifeblood. Ignore it, and you may as well be ignoring your business…

If you’d like to improve your sales with SEO, contact us today or download our free ebook on SEO.

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