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Why is website maintenance important?

Website maintenance is so much more than fixing the occasional broken link or updating an out of date plugin and has an impact on so many other elements of your online presence. So, why is website maintenance important?

16. Mar 2020 3 minutes

So, you’ve built your launch pad website. Now what? 

Well, a website - like a car - can’t be expected to ‘just work’ forever on its own. So, aside from the important work of implementing good growth-driven design, it’s vital that you keep your site well maintained. 

This blog will focus on technical maintenance rather than content or design updates. 

Website security

First and foremost, you want your site to be - and stay - secure. A well maintained site ensures it stays as secure as possible for as long as possible.

Just as biological viruses mutate and evolve to find better ways of attacking the body, so too would-be hackers find and exploit security flaws in sites using outdated technology and software. 

As the world’s most popular content management system, Wordpress is a prime target for attackers looking for vulnerabilities; either in the core Wordpress system itself or in one of the thousands of plugins that are available. 

The people behind Wordpress and (the better) plugins release new versions of their software constantly to combat this problem. 

Making sure your site has those updates installed and working properly alongside each other is the single most important aspect of good site maintenance.

Website speed

The faster your site loads the better experience your visitors have. 

A well maintained, cleanly built site helps keep those load times as low as possible. Your site’s visitors will thank you for it, to be sure, but Google search rankings are also influenced by how quickly your site loads. That makes a well maintained, fast site an essential part of your SEO strategy too.


Google is understandably cagey about how exactly its search engine algorithms work, but just as we know that loading times influence rankings and therefore have an impact on search engine optimisation (SEO), we also know that Google keeps an eye out for outdated technologies and coding techniques, penalising sites using them by showing them much further down any search rankings. 

For example, ensuring your site is - and remains - responsive (that is, displaying well on any device) is now nothing less than mandatory in Google’s eyes.

Future growth

Good growth-driven design requires not only a site’s content but also the structure to be updated regularly to meet the changing requirements of your business and your site’s visitors. 

That can get time consuming and expensive if you’re stuck having to wade through badly written code or do battle with a less than intuitive admin area. 

Here again, good site maintenance practices can help make everyone’s life easier. By making sure there is a place for everything, and everything is in its place, your site can develop in a way that is future proof; ensuring it always aids your future growth rather than hindering it.

Why is website maintenance important?

So, why is website maintenance important? Whether it’s security, site speed, solid SEO performance or making future growth easier, sticking to good maintenance practices can only be beneficial to your site’s performance and, ultimately, your business. 

Here at Webkick we maintain our clients’ sites regularly, helping to make them lead-generating machines. To find out more about how we can help you, contact us.

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