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WWDC 2017

Following Apple's WWDC 2017, we evaluate the highlights, most exciting developments, and their implications on marketing...

Sophie Porter 06. Jun 2017 6 minutes
Apples monopoly

Apple’s annual WWDC provides, not only a comprehensive platform for Apple’s 16 million - and counting - registered developers across the globe to preview the latest releases and developments from this pioneering brand, but also paves the way for future trends in technology and, consequently, marketing.

As mobile technologies, and advancements in personal technologies, continue to dominate our daily lives, the avenues through which businesses are able to market to and communicate with your customers is forever evolving.

Now more than ever, businesses are having to constantly rethink and reevaluate your marketing strategies in line with what’s available, and what modern [mobile] technology deems capable, and WWDC 2017 - in true Apple style - really pushed these boundaries this time.

The beginning of the end for remarketing?

Alongside a whole host of beautiful and sometimes mind-bending developments, Apple announced its dedication to ‘protecting your privacy’ and ensuring remarketing adverts that track customers’ movements across the internet and show them relevant (Pay Per Click) adverts based on their behaviours, will be stripped back and effectively blocked when using Safari, in a bid to protect personal data.

Whilst this is undoubtedly a wonderful development for the individual, this does bring into question the future of remarketing and PPC advertising for businesses - if Apple starts to ‘block’ tracked advertising, our guess is that other brands will start doing the same, and the whole concept of remarketing could become a thing of the past.

Augmented reality

One of the huge talking points of Apple’s WWDC 2017 was Augmented Reality (AR), as Apple announced the beta release of ARKit - a stunning new way to develop AR games with ease.

Taking gaming to a whole new level, ARKit pushes the boundaries of where the real and imaginary worlds end & begin, allowing for incredible, once thought impossible, activities such as in-game AR development (i.e. developing and designing a game as you ‘play’ it).

This opens up a whole world of opportunities, not only for gamers, but for businesses, for web designers, for graphic designers… the list is endless, and very, very exciting.

The rise (and rise) of speech recognition

Apple laid a lot of importance this year on refining Siri and enabling Siri to better understand your voice, your behaviours, and what you want out of your technology.

Apple has always been pioneering in the field of Machine Learning and iOS11’s Siri really showcases that.

But, for the purposes of this, it’s not really Siri that we want to talk directly of, but the implications of smarter speech recognition; with more intelligent and refined speech recognition capabilities come a shift in the key phrases and words people use to search online.

WWDC 2017

How we write is undeniably dissimilar to how we speak, and SEO, web content - and arguably Content Marketing - will have to start adapting to that.

As with any Apple event, WWDC 2017 was fascinating and bought up some incredibly valuable points to consider in the future of mobile technologies, customer relations, design, and marketing; some more than a little exciting, and some that have made us slightly nervous, but all that show the vast possibilities associated with a digital world…

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