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A charity based in Andover, in the idyllic county of Hampshire, Andover Mind has been providing support, advice, and information for anyone in the area affected by mental health distress since 1984.

Andover Mind also delivers training, whilst encouraging local people to talk about mental health; breaking down the stigmas surrounding the subject.  


The Brief

An influential and ever-growing cause within the area, Andover Mind’s existing website was somewhat outdated.

Unresponsive – meaning it was not displaying properly on mobile devices – and in need of some general maintenance; content and image updates, updated and more contemporary design, and clearer pathways, all helping to bring the charity’s online activity in line with that of their offline presence.

The Solution

Working with the charity, we established the main focus of the website and what they wanted to achieve with it going forward; we redesigned, not only the look and feel of the site, but also reimagined the sitemap and consequent user pathways in order to more clearly define & separate out the range of different services, information, and support Andover Mind are able to offer, not only to individuals affected by mental health issues, but also to their friends & loved one, and the wider community.

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The End Result

A modern, responsive website that works well on mobile devices, and provides visitors with all the information they need, clearly and easily accessible, to make an informed decision about the service and support that would best suit their circumstances.


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