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Website Design

A small indie start-up company based in the UK, Blueprint Games is passionate about creating high quality, genre-bending horror games; it’s first: Relapse.

The Brief

Developing their first computer game, Blueprint Games needed a means to capture, engage, and foster an audience; a social space where visitors could follow the company’s progress – raising awareness for the game ahead of its release to guarantee sales.

The Solution

A responsive website was created; a website design that would work seamlessly on mobiles, tablets, and desktops alike. As part of this, 2 key areas were created – a blog section where visitors could keep up to date with the progress of the game in development, driving returning traffic to the site; alongside a game demo section where visitors could try out sections of the game.

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The End Result

Now, Blueprint Games’ inaugural game – ‘Relapse’ – has a strong online presence; a place where audiences can follow the process, get to know the team behind the game, engage on various platforms, and even trial exclusive demos before the game’s completion and consequent release.

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