End Hunger UK is a coalition of over 40 national charities, organisations, faith groups, academics and individuals working together to end hunger and poverty across the UK for millions of families experiencing household food insecurity.


The Brief

End Hunger UK’s existing website was 2 years old and no longer fit for purpose.

Going forward, the brand needed a website that not only informed users of their work clearly and simply, with a way for those users to get involved, but was also fully accessible, easy to use, and to read for older users and users with visual impairments and/or learning disabilities.

The Solution

A minimalistic WordPress website that followed End Hunger UK’s brand guidelines and used customisations to integrate and connect their online platform, Engaging Networks, seamlessly.

A simple CMS that was easy to use for the in-house team; allowing them to add the latest campaigns to the site.

The Outcome

A clear and simple website with accessibility for its users at the heart of the project; a website that concisely showcased the work of End Hunger UK, with a way for users to get involved with campaigns and projects.

Some clever development connected their services together, integrating with the new site and ensuring End Hunger UK’s in-house team lost no functionality, whilst still being able to easily and quickly update the site on a regular basis.

The new website also needed a simple way for users to download an extensive array of templates and resources such as powerpoint presentations, campaign resources, and social media banners.

From the first meeting I had with Webkick, it was clear that they were as passionate as we were in creating a user-friendly experience for our site rather than just a functional tool. They show such passion and dedication to getting the right end product for the client’s needs that I felt confident they would build an amazing site for us.

Webkick certainly did not disappoint! Their in-house team are incredible, and very patient. Though they may be small in numbers, mighty is the hand that wields the development software. Each question was about ‘what does your user need?’, ‘how do we get them there?’, rather than just how many pages do you need and what functions. It means that the end product we have has a much more considered approach for the user and is also accessible for people with learning and visual impairments.

Considering what we invested into the development was so competitive with the market, it amazes me just how much we have received for our money. Troubleshooting, design, development, technical support, and A1 hosting. The one thing we have also received that money cannot measure is the support and encouragement from a company that really believes in what we do. We are a coalition of charities and organisations joined together to do good, but that comes with complications in terms of our staff being across different organisations and working to different hours/schedules. However, Webkick have been very patient and have really supported the mission of what we are working towards – that is truly priceless!

Would I use Webkick again? In a heartbeat.

Hannah-Mae Trow, Campaign Manager for End Hunger UK

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