Growing website traffic, increasing sales, and improving visitor engagement with innovative web design, digital marketing, and creative services.

Growing website traffic, increasing sales, and improving visitor engagement with innovative web development, data-driven digital marketing, and creative services.

Mark2 Electric Bikes designs and manufactures high quality, affordable Electric Bikes (eBikes) that are as easy to use as they are fun, funky, and powerful; predominantly selling their eBikes online.


Website Development

Having struggled to sell their eBikes online for some years, Webkick began working with Mark2 Electric Bikes in May 2020 with one clear aim; to sell as many eBikes online as possible!

To achieve this, we moved Mark2 away from their existing site on WordPress, and first developed a new website using Shopify; renowned for being an easy to use and reliable ecommerce platform for millions of sellers and buyers, worldwide.

This new site would showcase the eBikes for sale; placing these products front and centre of the brand’s offerings, whilst providing visitors with a simple and easy way to purchase a new eBike.

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Digital Marketing

Once the new site had been launched, digital marketing began; launching a series of highly targeted Facebook ads and retargeting ads, promoting the Mark2 Electric Bikes brand, as well as discounts, sales, and individual products for sale.

Alongside this, Google Shopping Ads were also created to maximise sales potential.

Product descriptions were also optimised for search engines; placing relevant keywords and phrases with high search volumes within these descriptions to encourage and increase organic traffic to the site.

To support our efforts to increase organic traffic to the site, a schedule of blogs was created; a number of blogs for the site, specifically written for SEO, that included relevant keywords and longtail keys users were searching for to find, and ultimately purchase, eBikes online. These could then be shared across the brand’s social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, not only to aid SEO efforts, but also to increase brand awareness and improve the overall perception of the brand as a helpful and knowledgeable resource in the industry.

Creative Services

New, professional photographs of Mark2 Electric Bikes’ products were taken for the new site, for advertising, and for the brand’s social media channels; high quality images highlighting the unique and key aspects of each bike – including the batteries, displays, and chargers.

High quality videos were also created for the Mark2 brand; promoting each individual eBike for sale, as well as supporting the promotion of key campaigns and sales, such as Black Friday and Christmas. These videos were shared on various social media platforms to drive traffic to the site, promote the brand, and spark interest for the items on sale.

To support all our efforts online, a series of adverts, posters, and leaflets were created for printed media.

The Outcome

The Mark2 website experienced over 76,000 sessions between May and December 2020; achieving over 200 orders within that time – 18% of which was attributed directly to digital marketing activity and 15% attributed to SEO.