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Website Design

Established in 2012 upon identifying a gap in the market, Marshalls Welding specialises in building premium quality, custom-made Land Rover Series 1 bulkheads at affordable prices.

The Brief

With a desire to grow the business and increase sales, Marshalls Welding needed a clean and modern website that would enhance brand visibility and generate enquiries in a niche market.

The Solution

Establishing the unique offering of the business in a niche market; ensuring that all content supports visitors to make an informed decision, and call-to-actions encourage visitors to make an enquiry. New, professional photography was also needed to showcase the high quality of the work carried out.   

The solution Image

The End Result

A simple website with a clear and direct message; using stunning imagery to highlight the high quality of the work, and well-placed testimonials to instill trust within visiting potential customers. Multiple call-to-actions are placed across the site, encouraging visitors to contact the business via an easy to use contact form.   

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