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Website design

Fast for the installer, hygienic and ultra-low maintenance for the owner, Spapanel is an innovative wall lining system offering a cost effective and luxury alternative solution to traditional tiles and rendered walls.

The Brief

A luxury product particularly popular in Australia, although Spapanel’s existing website had served them well over the years, it was in need of updating; the content, style, and responsive elements, bringing the company up-to-date with current expectations surrounding web design, as well as more appropriately reflecting the quality of the product in the quality of the website.

The Solution

Working with the company to identify their main audience, most popular products, and the overall purpose of their website, we set to work on redesigning the site.

We started by ensuring the new site was fully responsive; looking good and working well on mobile phones & tablets, and streamlining the content accordingly.

Next, the existing content was edited to reflect a slightly more direct and benefit-led approach – laying more focus on how and why using Spapanel was better for the end user.

The navigation was also simplified; providing a clearer and more concise user journey.

The solution Image

The End Result

A clean, sophisticated, and responsive website that reflects the high quality of the products; providing visitors with a defined journey from homepage to sale, whilst allowing the stunning & aspirational product imagery to take the main focus of each page.

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